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Infection outbreaks within the ERCP pathway can compromise patient outcomes and place an additional burden on hospitals.1

As antimicrobial resistance and viral pandemics pose an increasing threat to the ability of health systems to maintain services and achieve optimal patient outcomes,2 it becomes ever more important to eliminate preventable infection outbreaks.


While the risk of ERCP-related infections is considered low, they can be severe, multidrug-resistant, and life threatening, highlighting the importance of infection prevention in this clinical setting.1,3,4

Up to 1% of duodenoscope-related infections were associated with carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). 5

In the case of multidrug-resistant infections, the associated mortality rate can be as high as 70%.6

Facilitating infection prevention in the HPB (hepato-pancreato-biliary) pathway

At Boston Scientific, we understand the array of obstacles you face in ensuring that your patients undergoing ERCP avoid infection. That is why we have developed solutions for every step in the process.

Before a procedure

Facilitate infection prevention and protect patients with risk assessments and single-use, sterile solutions.

During a procedure

Eliminate the risk of contaminated equipment with our single-use materials, optimized for infection prevention.

After a procedure

Avoid resource-intensive, complex and time-sensitive reprocessing with our portfolio of disposable products.

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