Visualize the bile duct with clarity

Visualize the
bile duct
with clarity

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Direct visualization

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Cholangioscopy assisted guidewire placements can be technically successful, especially in cases where conventional ERCP guidewire placement previously failed.

This technique may also help to avoid more invasive procedures such as percutaneous transhepatic management or endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage.

Experience at the University Hospital of Münster1,2

A retrospective study1

 …analyzed 167 cholangioscopy procedures for successful guidewire placements across biliary strictures. Only cases with previous failed conventional guidewire placement approaches were included. 

30 cases performed in 23 patients were identified: 

  • Post-liver-transplant strictures were the most frequent finding among benign patients (52%) 
  • Guidewire placement was successful in 21 of 30 procedures (70%)
  • Guidewire placements were significantly more successful in patients with benign strictures

A prospective trial2

 …evaluated the benefit of cholangioscopy following fluoroscopy-guided ERCP for management of biliary complications after liver transplantation in a cohort of 26 patients.

Benefits of cholangioscopy over ERCP were found in 12 of 26 (46,2%) patients: 

  • Four successful selective guidewire placements where ERCP attempts had failed
  • Three biliary cast and six stones cases not diagnosed by ERCP
  • One bile duct ulcer due to fungal infection and one case of inflammation in the bile duct caused by acute cholangitis

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The SpyGlassTM Direct Vizualisation System enables direct visualization of the pancreatic and bile ducts. It is used to evaluate suspected benign and malignant conditions and to treat difficult stones and strictures

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