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Bypass​ obstacles to​ biliary access

Lumen-apposing metal stenting​


ERCP has a multitude of applications in diagnosing and treating conditions of the HPB tract. However, on the rare occasions when it is unsuccessful, the patient’s needs still have to be met.​

The Hot AXIOS™ Stent and Electrocautery-Enhanced Delivery System provides you with an opportunity to perform a rescue procedure and reach your target HPB site.​

​With this stent, you can create a secure, translumenal conduit between the gastrointestinal tract and a neighboring fluid-filled cavity to facilitate drainage or create a bypass around a stricture or blockage. ​

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The Hot AXIOS™ Stent and Electrocautery-Enhanced Delivery System​

The Hot AXIOS™ Stent and Electrocautery-Enhanced Delivery System combines a cautery-enabled access catheter with the revolutionary Hot AXIOSTM stent.​

Hot AXIOS Stent

Hot AXIOS™ is indicated for use to facilitate transgastric or transduodenal endoscopic drainage of: ​

  • ​The bile duct after failed ERCP in patients with biliary obstruction due to a malignant stricture​
  • A pancreatic pseudocyst or a walled-off necrosis  with ≥70% fluid content
  • The gallbladder in patients with acute cholecystitis who are at high risk or unsuitable for surgery​

ESGE recommends:​


The use of endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage (EUS-BD) over percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTBD) after failed ERCP in malignant distal biliary obstruction when local expertise is available.¹

A holistic approach to the HPB (hepato-pancreato-biliary) pathway​

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