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Stone retrival with extraction baloons

Extract with precision using our balloon catheters to achieve stone clearance.

Balloon catheters designed for efficient stone removal


The Extractor™ Pro RX and RX-S are retrieval balloon catheters used endoscopically for the removal of biliary or pancreatic stones and to facilitate the injection of a contrast medium while occluding the duct.​

​The squared shoulder design and the ability to inflate to two distinct sizes without the need to exchange devices allows you to extract stones efficiently.​

​The Extractor™ Pro RX-S also features an enhanced design with increased catheter stiffness, providing improved pushability and kink resistance.​

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Extractor™ Pro Retrieval Balloon Catheters

The squared shoulder design, reliability, optimal injection flow rates and multiple sizes help facilitate effective and efficient stone removal.

Extractor pro spread

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