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Reliable drainage options to provide bile duct patency past a stone.​

A trusted biliary stent for difficult situations​

Advanix family

The ESGE recommends endoscopic biliary stent insertion in patients with irretrievable biliary stones that warrant biliary drainage.1 The Advanix™ Biliary Stent is a plastic stent that can be placed when large CBD stones cannot be removed to facilitate bile drainage and provide a short-term solution for alternative stone management approaches.2

​Together with the NaviFlex™ RX Delivery System, the Advanix™ Biliary Stent is designed to improve patient outcomes by: ​

  • ​Maximizing flow rate
  • ​Improving stent deliverability​
  • Enhancing procedural control and efficiency through pre-loaded stent and delivery system options​

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Advanix™ Biliary Stent with NaviFlex™ RX Delivery System

The Advanix™ Biliary Stent with NaviFlex RX Delivery System is designed to maximize flow rates, improve pushability through tortuous anatomy, and be repositionable to aid in accurate placement.

Advanix family

Enabling effcient and effective treatment procedures​

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​2. Aslan F, et al. The effect of biliary stenting on difficult common bile duct stones. Prz Gastroenterol. 2014;9(2):109–115.

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