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Core CRM Physician Courses

Physician Fundamentals of Pacing Course

This is a beginner’s course for doctors who are new to pacing. It is an interactive and practical course that explores the fundamental concepts of pacing. The focus is on timing cycles, functional lead testing, pacemaker programming and the application of this knowledge in a range of clinical scenarios.

Target Audience: Suitable for any physician requiring an understanding of pacemaker programming and lead testing in clinical practice. Minimal pacing experience expected.

Format: F2F

Physician CRT 360 Course

This course provides you with an understanding of CRT implant techniques and the Boston Scientific CRT implant kit. Part theory, part practical, this course will improve your knowledge of CS anatomy and the challenges around LV lead placement, illustrated with a virtual reality simulator. This course will also cover Heartlogic™ and its interpretation.

Target Audience: Suitable if you are a physician at least at ST3-4 level and would like to improve your understanding and practical skills of Boston Scientific CRT devices.

Format: F2F

Physician TV-ICD Course

This course focuses on hands-on programmer sessions looking at transvenous ICD follow-up. It includes practicing the delivery of manual therapies to terminate ventricular arrhythmias and interpreting case studies to understand programming options available for various scenarios.

Target Audience: Suitable for any physician that wants to become more familiar with Boston Scientific TV-ICDs.

Format: F2F

Physician Pacemaker Algorithms in Clinical Practice 

This course covers key Boston Scientific pacemaker algorithm theory and practical application, using case studies and programmers to reinforce learning.

Target Audience: Suitable for any physician who wants to become more familiar with BSC pacemakers. A working knowledge of basic pacemaker theory is expected.

Format: F2F

Physician Cardiac Rhythm Devices in Practice

Designed with Professor Sheahan, this course offers delegates a generic approach to patient and device interrogation. The course will concentrate on practical case-based examples as well as providing an overview of current device indications. Our goal is that your participation will enhance your understanding of patient and device management using common troubleshooting scenarios.

Target Audience: It is suitable for you if you are an Irish SpR who would like to improve your understanding and practical skills of patient and device management.

Format: F2F