Heart Rhythm Congress 2022

Heart Rhythm Congress 2022

See what Boston Scientific has for you!

Boston Scientific Returns to HRC! With the first in-person meeting since 2019, the Rhythm Management UK team are delighted to be back.

Come and join us in our well-loved Boston Beans Café on booth from there you can learn about advances in our revolutionary remote support services in the RhythmCARE™ HUB, get hands-on with future tech in our Innovation Room, engage with leading HCPs about real world data for HeartLogic™, hear from our fascinating group of HCPs in our symposiums on S-ICD and FARAPULSE™.

Keep reading to find out more about what Boston Scientific has for you at HRC 2022.

We can’t wait to see you there!





Sunday 9th

  • Boston Scientific Tabletop introducing our new acquisitions PREVENTICE and BAYLIS

Monday 10th

  • Boston Beans opens
  • RhythmCARE™ HUB
  • S-ICD Symposium
  • FARAPULSE™ Symposium
  • Innovation HUB
  • On stand professional photographer
  • 100k S-ICD Celebration
  • Green hour

Tuesday 10th

  • Boston Beans opens
  • HeartLogic™ HUB
  • RhythmCARE™ HUB
  • Innovation HUB
  • On stand professional photographer
  • Green hour



Innovation HUB

HeartLogic™ HUB




RhythmCARE™: Immediate Support

Welcome to RhythmCARE™ your real-time support team. We are a highly experienced team standing by ready to provide you with the solutions, insights and answers you need in the moment. Working alongside the field team you know we offer an extra layer of support helping you to deal with simple or complex situations straight away through the programmer itself without the need to re-schedule the patient.

Come along to meet the team and see some of the technology in action


Hosted By

Kim Attenborough

Kim Attenborough
Kim is the UKI/Nordics Education Manager involved with physician and physiologist trainings throughout the UKI and is working with Steve to bring RhythmCARE to you.  She is interested in how RhythmCARE can help education evolve using some of the exciting technologies available. Kim was a Cardiac Physiologist at Freeman Hospital for 14 years prior to joining Guidant/Boston Scientific. She has a Masters in Clinical Education and is a Fellow of Advance EP through Edinburgh University. 
Steve Martin

Steve Martin, Remote Clinical Specialist 
Steve currently works as part of the Boston Scientific RhythmCARE team delivering remote clinical support throughout EMEA. He is leading the development of this service in the UK. Prior to this role Steve was a Field Clinical Specialist in the London region supporting S-ICD, CRT and ICD implants and troubleshooting as well as providing education to customers. Before joining Boston Scientific he was a Cardiac Physiologist in the NHS for 10 years.
Linda Emaus

Linda Emaus, RM Product Manager, Nordics



Heart Connect™

Share data in real time with the Heart Connect System. Empower your team to provide important patient care more efficiently.Why wait for a device expert to arrive on site when you can complete device checks in real time? The Heart Connect System streamlines your process by enabling your team to instantly share programmer screen information with other health care providers or a Boston Scientific representative. It’s a smart step towards saving time and improving patient outcomes.



SmartGlasses powered by Rods & Cones

See through the eyes of a partner. A colleague or technical support shares your view and can be with you throughout the procedure. External sources such as fluoroscopy or ultrasound can be connected to share more than just your view. With audio, video, annotations and image sharing you are supported (or can be educating others) throughout the procedure while keeping your hands free to work.



Boston Scientific welcomes Baylis Medical
Transseptal Access Solutions
Tues 11th Oct | Room 1 (Level 5) | 09:00 -09:30

Learn more about Radiofrequency based puncture technology VersaCross™ the only exchangeless solution for access to delivery of left heart therapy devices.

Focusing on:

  • Improved workflows
  • Learning curves
  • Clinical benefits
  • Case examples
Dr Waqas Ullah

Dr Waqas Ullah
Consultant Cardiologist, NHS University Hospital Southampton



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