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What is Essential Tremor?

Essential Tremor is a movement disorder characterised by uncontrollable shaking, or ‘tremors’, in different parts and on different sides of the body. Common areas affected are the head, larynx, tongue, chin, arms and hands. The lower body is rarely affected.

Essential Tremor Symptoms

Symptoms can vary person to person. If it is interfering with daily activities, you should speak with your family doctor and can ask for a referral to a specialist movement disorder team.

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Essential Tremor Treatment

The currently available treatments for Essential Tremor are symptomatic and not curative. This means that the severity of Essential Tremor can be decreased but that the tremor will not be cured.1 There are various types of medication that you may be prescribed. You will work with your movement disorder specialist team to find the best solution for you.

At Boston Scientific, we offer a unique, personalized therapy that can put you on the path to a better tomorrow. It’s called Deep Brain Stimulation, or simply DBS.

Discover how Deep Brain Stimulation therapy works

Discover how Deep Brain Stimulation therapy works
  • Always speak to your clinician to see if this could be a treatment for you.
  • To be accepted for DBS surgery, your specialist team will advise you to be as aerobically fit as you can be.

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