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Facilities for ICD, Pacemaker, and Heart Failure Device Patients

The facilities listed here have treated patients with Boston Scientific and/or Guidant branded Cardiac Rhythm Management products and may be able to help you with matters related to your device.

EMBLEM™ S-ICD Patients
Looking for a specialist trained and experienced in the EMBLEM S-ICD System? Visit our physician finder on

Find An EMBLEM S-ICD System Experienced Physician

Pacemaker and ICD Patients
Looking for a specialist trained and experienced in pacemakers or defibrillators? Use the finder below to find a provider.

Find a Heart Specialist Near You

For more information, or to find support in an area not listed below, please call Boston Scientific at
   Toll free number                   
   Toll number                      
   Austria     0800 017 814  
   Belgium     0800 771 75  
   France     0800 992 731    01 848 889 67      
   Germany     0800 000 23 00    02 102 854 9026    
   Ireland     1800 851 673  
   Italy     800 768 450    02 829 519 19
   Spain     900 807 661    919 017 279
   United Kingdom     0800 031 82 49    014 429 022 45
   International / Other Countries      +34 919 017 279


Boston Scientific provides the list of therapy providers as a convenience to patients.

Boston Scientific does not employ, regulate or control these physicians or clinics, nor does Boston Scientific provide any insurance or guarantee with respect to their services. 

Boston Scientific does not represent that these providers are any more skilled or qualified than other providers of pacemaker or defibrillator therapy. Their names are available for you to contact as you would any physician or clinic.

Please contact the facility directly to ensure the necessary staffing and equipment are available to address your specific needs.