40 years advancing science for better, longer lives

This year Boston Scientific celebrates its 40th anniversary, and can proudly say its innovative products transform the lives of over 30 million patients annually the world over – and counting.

It all started in the late 60s through acquiring Medi-tech. The first medical devices came out in 1969, manoeuvrable catheters, some updated versions are still in use - the first minimally invasive procedures for the peripheral vascular system. Then John Abele and Pete Nicholas took over the company and Boston Scientific Corporation was born.

Now a global leader in medical devices, the mission has remained markedly the same: to devise a wide range of solutions to meet patient needs and reduce healthcare spending.

Through an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, new and strategic acquisitions, therapeutic solutions tailored to each patient, collaborating with the scientific community, and devoting 11% of turnover to research and development, Boston Scientific is equally committed to helping shape the future of the industry and in so doing, raising the bar on the standard of care.

40 Years Transforming Lives