To be eligible for funding, projects shall be in line with the Foundation's strategic focus, which is to address issues of public interest, in disease prevention or management, using digital or innovative solutions by:

  • Improving the health of individuals and communities with unmet needs
  • Facilitating access to prevention and awareness programs
  • Supporting research programs aimed at improving prevention or disease management
  • Using innovative solutions such as apps, e-platforms, social media optimising impact on well-being

Organisations must:

  • Be non-profit organisations (legal status to be provided)
  • Have a track record of non-profit engagement (activity report to be provided)

Other major humanitarian causes can be taken into consideration on an exceptional basis.

The Foundation will not support:

  • Individuals
  • For profit organisations
  • Political campaigns, fraternal or lobbying groups
  • Non European organisations operating outside EMEA

The Foundation Board will make final decisions on the award of grants and there is no guarantee that a grant will be awarded to an organisation.

Note: In order to receive a grant from the Boston Scientific Foundation Europe (BSFE), the organisation needs to certify that it does not discriminate against its employees based on race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, mental or physical disability, genetic information or any other class protected by federal, state or local laws that require equal opportunities. It is also necessary to certify that the organisation does not promote, support or practice activities that discriminate against protected classes.