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Elevating value-based care with innovative solutions beyond the device

A key challenge in modern healthcare management​

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Continuous progress in HPB offers significant advantages to you and your patients. Nevertheless, the related costs may pose challenges for healthcare organizations when it comes to making decisions.​

​To ensure the advancement of patient care amid the shift from price-driven product procurement to a more intricate system of tenders and negotiations, innovative commercial solutions are essential.​

An innovative solution from ​Boston Scientific

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To facilitate this transition, we offer partnership pricing and risk-sharing that allow you to maintain focus on patient care and access to innovation while keeping costs predictable and manageable.​​

We work closely with hospitals and healthcare institutions, using our knowledge and expertise to tailor financial solutions to your specific needs.

Payment Per Procedure (PPP): Trade variability for predictability​

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PPP represents a straightforward, innovative and flexible payment model that streamlines clinical, financial, and operational activities. ​

This commercial risk-sharing solution provides you with complete financial predictability, while providing clinical freedom for each patient. 

​We collaborate with hospitals to identify procedures that can vary in cost (e.g. ERCP, which can range from hundreds up to thousands of euros). By sharing information with one another, we can build a model to determine a single price that covers the materials used for the procedures performed within a set period.​

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The programme includes full inventory management, as well as a simplified ordering and invoicing process. Unplanned costs are absorbed through the risk-sharing component of the partnership.​

​This approach means clinical teams no longer need to manage inventory, making more of their time available for patient care. It also ensures you have the right product at the right time, every time.​

​We have implemented PPP in over 45 centers across Europe building a strong track record and experience. This commercial program and other innovative partnership solutions are there to support you in improving patient care across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.​

Risk-sharing collaborations​

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We believe in the strength of our technologies to provide best-in-class quality and experience for your patients. Collaborating in partnership means having common goals, where the financial risks are also shared. From this belief, we regularly collaborate with customers through tailored risk-share agreements to bring value-based healthcare to life in a practical way. ​

​If you are interested to discuss in more detail potential risk-sharing collaborations with us, contact your local sales rep or a member of our commercial contracting team. ​

Explore how PPP can help you access our latest innovations and optimise your financial and operational efficiency​

Our commercial contracting team can work with you and your colleagues to provide useful resources and custom commercial solutions.

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