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Gender Pay Gap Results 2023

The following charts detail our gender pay gap for Ireland workforce as of June 30, 2023. The gender pay gap is the difference in the average hourly wage of men and women across a workforce. New legislation in Ireland (The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021) requires organisations to report on their hourly gender pay gap across a range of metrics.

Hourly Rate Gap

hourly rate gap 2023 irl

On average women are paid 10.5% less overall than men in our Irish workforce. We are confident that women and men are largely paid the same for comparable roles. The overall difference in average earnings identified in this disclosure is due primarily to the underrepresentation of women in senior leadership roles. Historically, the Irish medical devices industry has been male dominated but that is changing over time.  
Today, Boston Scientific has a 60 / 40 men to women ratio across our professional roles in Ireland. Hourly remuneration includes items such as base pay, overtime payments, shift premium, sick pay, development assignment, on call payments and bonus payments. We have observed an improvement in the mean and median hourly rate gap through our continued initiatives since last year. We will continue to work to reduce this gap over the coming years.

Bonus Gap

bonus gap 2023 irl

The average bonus gap between men and women is 24.2% overall. This is mostly driven by the underrepresentation of women in senior leadership roles as noted above; more men are in senior positions and senior positions attract higher performance bonuses and stock awards. Bonus pay includes items such as our performance bonus plans, recognition awards, employee referral bonuses and performance-related stock awards.  We are also pleased to see an improvement in the mean and median bonus gap through our continued initiatives since last year. 


part time 2023 irl

On average, men who work part-time are paid -10.8% less than part-time women overall. This is because men who work part-time are mostly employed in entry level roles, whereas a larger number of women work part-time across all levels including the more senior roles. 

Temporary Contracts

temporary contracts 2023 irl

On average, men on temporary contracts are paid -0.7% less than women on temporary contracts.  There is a relatively equal number of either gender on temporary contracts in our production roles; however, this pay gap difference is mostly driven by more women being employed on temporary contracts than men in our professional level roles. 

Proportion of men and women receiving a bonus

male female bonus 2023 irl

All our employees are eligible to participate in our performance-based bonus programmes (except those on college internships).  89.1% of women and 90.3% of men received a bonus in the reporting period. Two of the main factors for being ineligible for a bonus during the reporting period were performance and start dates. Employees need to start before 01 November to be eligible for a bonus in that year.

Benefits in Kind

benefits in kind 2023 irl

90.1% of women and 90.9% of men received benefits in kind in the reporting period. Benefits in kind included any non-cash benefit of monetary value such as health insurance and employee stock purchase schemes.

Proportion of men and women in each quartile band

male female each quartile band 2023 irl

The population is divided into four equal parts or ‘quartiles’, from the lowest paid to the highest paid based on the calculated hourly pay rate. This breakdown of hourly rates by defined quartiles reflects the gender differences in our workforce with a greater proportion of men in higher paid quartiles. We are pleased to see a small increase in the percentage of female employees in both the Upper Mid and Upper quartiles since last year, through our continued initiatives since last year this can be attributed to our continued focus on inclusion initiatives.