Urology Products

Boston Scientific partners with urologists to continually advance the quality of patient care with innovative urology solutions.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to treat kidney stones, BPH, erectile dysfunction, male stress incontinence and pelvic floor disorders.

Featured Urology Products

Single-Use Digital Ureteroscope

LithoVue™ Single-Use Digital Ureteroscope changes the way you think about flexible ureteroscopy. It delivers detailed high-resolution digital images for high-quality visualization and seamless navigation – to help you remove stones quickly, easily, safely and affordably.

GreenLight XPS™
A New Standard in BPH

GreenLight Laser Therapy is setting the new standard with equivalent clinical outcomes to TURP, with fewer serious adverse events, shorter recovery and lower overall hospital costs.

AccuTrac™ and Flexiva™ TracTip
Protect Your Scope

The Flexiva™ TracTip and AccuTrac™ Single-Use Laser Fiber is the original ball-tip fiber designed to pass through a fully deflected scope without damage to the scope liner or optics.*

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Access Device: Dilatation (1)

Access Device: Sheath (1)

  • Clear Renal Sheath

    Clear Renal Sheath facilitates visualization of calculi surrounding the sheath.

  • Amplatz Type Renal Sheaths

    Amplatz Type Renal Sheaths are firm renal sheaths designed to allow smooth passage of surgical instruments into the nephrostomy tract.

  • Navigator™ HD Ureteral Access Sheath

    Provides ureteral dilation and working channel for the introduction of ureteroscopes and devices during ureteroscopic procedures.

  • Navigator™ Ureteral Access Sheath

    Designed to facilitate scope manipulation and reduce trauma during ureteroscopy. The ureteral access sheath is designed to protect the ureter during repeated instrument exchanges during ureteroscopy.

Accessories (1)

Antiretropulsion (1)

  • Stone Cone™ Nitinol Retrieval Coil

    The backboard device that prevents retropulsion and keeps the procedure simple.The Stone Cone Nitinol Retrieval Coil is an effective backboard that keeps simple cases simple. It helps increase procedural efficiency by preventing retropulsion of stones up the ureter and into the kidney – potentially eliminating the need for a flexible scope during the case.

Artificial Urinary Sphincter (1)

  • AMS 800™ Urinary Control System

    The AMS 800™ Urinary Control System restores continence with an occlusive cuff and a corresponding pump that the patient controls. With over 150,000 patients treated,1 the AMS 800 Urinary Control System is the leading treatment for male stress urinary incontinence (SUI) following prostate surgery.

Catheters: Ureteral (1)

  • Axxcess™ Ureteral Catheters

    Single lumen ureteral catheter designed with tapered tip to aid atraumatic access for delivery of contrast or a guidewire.

  • C-Flex™ Ureteral Catheters

    Single lumen tapered catheter with flexible tip and firm catheter shaft designed to provide column strength for atraumatic ureteral access and smooth advancement.

  • Dual Lumen Ureteral Catheters

    Dual lumen catheter designed for over-the-wire placement, providing two separate working channels for second wire placement or injection.

  • Flexima™ Ureteral Catheters

    Single lumen catheter designed with a variety of tip configurations and sizes to facilitate ureteral access.

  • Imager™ II Catheters

    The braided torqueable catheter line with a variety of tip designs. The catheters have a high degree of torqueability to meet the needs of physicians performing PCNL and ureteroscopy procedures.

Guidewires (1)

  • Amplatz Super Stiff™ Guidewire

    Boston Scientific's Amplatz Guidewire is a stainless steel wire with a flat-wire coil and PTFE coating. It is available in a variety of diameters and tip configurations to fit your preferences, your patients, and your procedures, designed so you can confidently straighten tortuous anatomies1 and deliver heavier instruments.2

  • Sensor™ PTFE-Nitinol Guidewire
    with Hydrophilic Tip

    The gold standard in guidewires. The preferred hybrid wire technology among surgeons who value consistent performance in routine and challenging cases for nearly two decades.

  • Zebra™ Guidewire

    The guidewire that shows you the way. Nitinol wire with striped jacket designed to provide excellent visual feedback and handling.

  • ZIPwire™ Nitinol Hydrophilic Guidewire

    Impacted stones. Tortuous anatomies. Ureteral obstructions.1,2 Medical conditions like these call for a hydrophilic guidewire that’s up to the task.1

Laser Fibers & Accessories (1)

Lasers, BPH & Lithotripsy (1)

  • Swiss LithoClast™ Select Lithotripter

    Combination ultrasonic and pneumatic urological lithotripter. Dual modality for a singular solution.

  • Lumenis™ VersaPulse™ Lasers 20 Watt to 100 Watt Holmium Laser Systems

    The VersaPulse family of holmium lasers offers a variety of versatile high and low watt systems for treating urologic conditions including stones, tumors, strictures and prostate.

  • GreenLight XPS™ Laser Therapy System

    The GreenLight XPS™ Laser Therapy System is a 180W, 532nm wavelength laser for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It’s redefining the standard of care for BPH.

  • GreenLight HPS™ Laser Therapy System

    The GreenLight HPS™ Laser Therapy System is a 120W, 532 nm wavelength laser for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It uses the 10-2090 fiber for BPH, and the EA fiber for the treatment of bladder tumors and urethral strictures.

  • Aura XP™ Laser Therapy System

    This treatment system for a wide range of soft tissue clinical applications offers performance, precision, and portability in a versatile, reliable platform.

  • Lumenis™ Pulse™ 120H 120 Watt Holmium Laser

    An all-in-one holmium laser urology platform providing more energy, features and capabilities than any other holmium system on the market. It is an ideal solution for Stone Dusting and Vaporization or Enucleation of the prostate in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) procedures.

PCNL (1)

Penile Prosthesis (1)

  • AMS Ambicor™ Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

    This pre-filled, pre-connected device eliminates the need for a separate reservoir, resulting in a two-piece designed for ease of placement.

  • Spectra™ Concealable Penile Prosthesis

    This prosthesis offers simplified sizing, ease of placement, superior concealment and rigidity.¹ It’s an unmatched combination of technologies focused on both surgeon ease and patient satisfaction.¹

  • AMS 700™ Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

    Our most popular inflatable prosthesis line offers a combination of features focused on both surgeon and patient satisfaction. It’s available with or without pre-connected cylinders and pump, for either an infrapubic or penoscrotal approach.

Retrieval Devices (1)

Slings: Suburethral (1)

  • AdVance™ Male Sling System

    The AdVance™ Male Sling System is a reliable option for the treatment of male stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The implanted device works automatically, requiring no action on the patient’s part.1

Stents: Ureteral (1)

Ureteroscopes (1)

  • LithoVue™ Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

    LithoVue™ Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope changes the way you think about flexible ureteroscopy. It delivers detailed high-resolution digital images for high-quality visualization and navigation – to help you remove stones quickly, easily, safely and affordably.