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Holmium Laser Accessories

Boston Scientific offers a full line of accessories designed for Lumenis Holmium Lasers and SlimLine™ Reusable Laser Fibers.

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Latex Information



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Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Quantity
8408570 M0068408570 Laser Radiation Warning Sign Each
8408580 M0068408580 Holmium Laser Safety Glasses Each
8408590 M0068408590 Holmium Laser Safety Goggles Each
8408800 M0068408800 200 micron Fiber Stripper Each
8408820 M0068408820 365 micron Fiber Stripper Each
8408830 M0068408830 550 micron Fiber Stripper Each
8408840 M0068408840 1000 micron Fiber Stripper Each
8408850 M0068408850 Slimline Steam Sterilization Tray Each
8408860 M0068408860 Ceramic Scissors Each
8408870 M0068408870 Cleaving Tool Each
8408880 M0068408880 Fiber Inspection Microscope Each



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