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Access Device: Sheath (1)

  • ZURPAZ™ 8.5F Steerable Sheath


    We took your feedback and designed the new ZURPAZ 8.5F Steerable Sheath to not only meet, but exceed, your expectations for catheter delivery.

  • DIREX™ Steerable Sheath

    The DIREX™ Steerable Sheath is a low profile, bidirectional steerable sheath that provides agility and stability through excellent catheter access and support.

  • CHANNEL™ Steerable Sheath

    CHANNEL Steerable Sheath is designed with a strong, steerable shaft to facilitate placement of devices in peripheral and coronary systems.

  • TSX™ Transseptal Delivery System

    TSX™ Transseptal Delivery System: Designed to enhance tactile and visual feedback.

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Capital Equipment: Diagnostic (1)

  • iLAB™ featuring ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Ultrasound Imaging System and Ultrasound Imaging Catheter

    iLAB™ Ultrasound Imaging System and ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Ultrasound Imaging Catheter for Intracardiac Imaging

    ICE provides the combination of real-time imaging and soft tissue visualization that cannot be duplicated by fluoroscopy, pre-operative imaging (CT or MR), or electroanatomic mapping. Not only can you identify anatomical structures, you can visualize where devices are relative to those structures.

  • LABSYSTEM™ PRO EP Recording System

    When it comes to EP recording, nothing performs like a PRO...The LABSYSTEM™ Pro EP Recording System. Our powerful, performance-driven software is now available with new features that deliver increased flexibility for data review and export. Why settle for anything less?

Capital Equipment: Mapping & Navigation (1)

  • RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System

    Boston Scientific Corporation’s RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System sets a new bar in high-definition mapping by using three main features: density, resolution and automation. Each is essential in creating high-definition maps.

Capital Equipment: Therapy (1)

  • METRIQ™ Pump Cardiac Ablation System

    The MAESTRO 4000™ Cardiac Ablation System and METRIQ Pump empower Irrigated Ablation Procedures. This system combines comprehensive, real time diagnostic information with a simple intelligent user interface to maximize procedure success.

  • MAESTRO 4000™ Cardiac Ablation System

    The MAESTRO 4000 Cardiac Ablation System and METRIQ™ Pump empowers open-irrigated ablation procedures. This system combines comprehensive, real time diagnostic intelligent user interface to maximize procedure success.

Catheters: Ablation (1)

  • BLAZER PRIME™ Temperature Ablation Catheter

    Intuitively engineered construction combined with our trusted BLAZER™ Catheter platform provides an ablation catheter designed to function as a physical extension of your hand. Manipulation of the handle translates predictably into movement of the catheter tip. Control and durability provide procedural confidence.

  • BLAZER™ Open Irrigated Temperature Ablation Catheter

    The BLAZER Open Irrigated Catheter, with its Total Tip Cooling™ design, provides an elegant cooling platform with the robust handling capabilities of the historical BLAZER platform to provide performance and efficacy.

  • INTELLANAV™ XP & INTELLANAV MIFI™ XP Temperature Ablation Catheter Family

    The INTELLANAV™ XP and INTELLANAV MIFI™ XP catheters encompass the proven performance of the BLAZER™ XP platform and the unparalleled clarity of MiFi technology in our magnetically tracked ablation catheters. These catheters unlock the magnetic tracking performance of the RHYTHMIA™ Mapping System, enabling increased accuracy, clarity, and performance.1


    The INTELLANAV™ OPEN-IRRIGATED catheter encompasses the elegant Total Tip Cooling™ design and the familiarity and proven performance of the Blazer platform, now enhanced with INTELLANAV magnetic tracking technology for cool performance and confident navigation in RHYTHMIA Mapping System procedures.

  • INTELLATIP MIFI™ XP Temperature Ablation Catheter

    The INTELLATIP MIFI XP, with MicroFidelity (MiFi) sensor technology, introduces a new generation of high-resolution ablation catheters. INTELLATIP MIFI XP technology, only from Boston Scientific, is engineered to deliver highly localized electrical information of unparalleled clarity to allow you to see the critical information you need in real-time.


    The INTELLATIP MIFI™ OI Ablation Catheter combines Boston Scientific’s proprietary MicroFidelity (MiFi) mini-electrode sensor technology for Unparalleled Clarity with our open-irrigated Total Tip Cooling™ design for Cool Performance.


    The INTELLANAV MIFI™ Open-Irrigated Catheter brings together our proprietary mini-electrode technology with the elegant Total Tip Cooling™ design and the INTELLANAV magnetic tracking for unparalleled clarity, cool performance and confident navigation in RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System procedures.

  • INTELLANAV™ ST Ablation Catheter

    Combining the proven performance of the BLAZER™ platform with a navigation-enabled 4 mm tip, the INTELLANAV™ ST Ablation Catheter offers smaller, more precise ablation for increased accuracy, efficiency and performance in RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System procedures.

Catheters: Diagnostic (1)

Catheters: Mapping (1)

  • ORBITER™ PV Variable Loop Mapping Catheter

    The ORBITER PV Variable Loop Mapping Catheter has been designed to overcome the challenges of pulmonary vein mapping. With a reduction of complications, fluoroscopy and procedural time in mind, we've created a catheter that keeps you in contact for mapping and confirmation of post-ablation conduction block.

  • INTELLAMAP ORION™ Mapping Catheter

    Designed to work with the RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping System, the INTELLAMAP ORION™ Mapping Catheter brings unprecedented resolution and accuracy to mapping procedures.

Defibrillators (ICD) (1)

Leads (1)

  • INGEVITY™ MRI Pacing Lead

    INGEVITY MRI Pacing Leads are a family of active and passive models that can be used as part of the IMAGEREADY™ MR-Conditional Pacing System for safe and effective scanning in 1.5T and 3T MRI environments when MRI Conditions of Use are met.1

  • ACUITY™ X4 Quadripolar LV Leads

    New Solutions.
    Meaningful Outcomes.

    ACUITY™ X4 Quadripolar LV leads are the first and only LV leads uniquely designed to promote non-apical pacing options, helping physicians to pace from an optimal site for improved CRT response.

  • RELIANCE 4-FRONT™ Pace/Sense and Defibrillation Lead

    RELIANCE 4-FRONT is built on the RELIANCE™ platform, leveraging our 25-year legacy of the industry's most reliable ICD leads. Experience the difference in lead handling and performance with enhancements inspired by physicians.

Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device (1)

Pacemakers (1)

  • ACCOLADE™ and ESSENTIO™ Pacemakers

    ACCOLADE and ESSENTIO offer RightRateTM Respiration-Based Pacing and Automatic Daily Monitoring to improve patient compliance.

  • INGENIO™ and ADVANTIO™ Pacemakers

    The INGENIO and ADVANTIO pacemakers from Boston Scientific define a new era in pacing. Both leverage key aspects of our innovative high-voltage platform and incorporate new features, therapies and diagnostic options.

  • VITALIO™ Pacemaker

    VITALIO lets the heart take the lead, intervening only when appropriate. With features including respiration-based pacing for rate response, wireless connectivity and automaticity in both chambers – the VITALIO pacemaker lets your patients get back to what’s important in life.

  • ACCOLADE™ MRI and ESSENTIO™ MRI Pacemakers

    Boston Scientific's most advanced pacemakers are now MR-conditional. ACCOLADE MRI and ESSENTIO MRI models can be used as part of the ImageReady™ MR-Conditional Pacing System for safe and effective scanning in 1.5T and 3T MRI environments when MRI Conditions of Use are met.1

Remote Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Monitoring (1)

  • LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management System

    Automatic and Daily Monitoring Improves Outcomes
    As implanted device patients are living longer and the amount of available patient and device data keeps growing larger, remote monitoring has become the standard of care.1 The LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System lets you monitor your patients’ device data between scheduled appointments for improved efficiency and better patient care.

  • ZOOM® LATITUDE™ Programming System Model 3120

    Go Beyond the Wand™
    The ZOOM LATITUDE Programming System, Model 3120 is a portable cardiac rhythm management (CRM) programming system designed to help you interrogate, monitor and program Boston Scientific implantable pulse generators (IPGs).

  • LATITUDE Consult™ System

    Fast. Convenient. Portable.
    The LATITUDE Consult System gives your team the ability to quickly conduct pacemaker and defibrillator device checks. One analysis found that 90% of the time there was no need for a device expert to be there in person.1

  • Heart Connect™ System

    Real-Time. Flexible. Convenient.
    Why wait for a device expert to arrive on site when you can complete device checks and programming in real time? The Heart Connect System streamlines your process by enabling your team to instantly share programmer screen information with other health care providers or Boston Scientific representatives.

  • LATITUDE Link™ Data Management System

    Seamless Data Integration
    The days of having to print reports from a Boston Scientific cardiac rhythm management programmer, then scan and upload them to a patient’s chart are over! LATITUDE Link simplifies this workflow by enabling seamless transfer of programmer data and reports to an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

  • MyLATITUDE™ Patient App

    Intuitive Meets Informed
    Designed with input from clinicians and patients, the MyLATITUDE Patient App enables patients to independently obtain answers to common questions about their LATITUDETM NXT Communicator and Boston Scientific implanted device, allowing you to focus on essential clinical care.