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Imager™ II


Torqueable Catheters. Single lumen torqueable catheter designed to facilitate difficult access in PCNL and Ureteroscopic procedures.

Key Resources

Products for PCNL Brochure Latex Information Indications, Safety, and Warnings


Product Details

Design Features

  • Single lumen, torqueable Imager Catheters are available in five tip configurations and 3 working lengths
  • Biocompatible polymer reinforced with a stainless steel braided wire
  • Luer lock hub attached at the proximal end

Multiple Sizes

  • Offered in 5 Open Tip configurations
  • 5F diameter with 3 working lengths


  • Facilitates access to the urinary tract with various tip designs
  • Can be placed either retrograde or antegrade
  • Provides radiopacity for improved visualization

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description O.D. Size Working Length Quantity
400300 M0064003001 C1 5F 65 Box 5
400301 M0064003011 C2 5F 65 Box 5
400302 M0064003021 Straight 5F 65 Box 5
400303 M0064003031 Bern 5F 65 Box 5
400304 M0064003041 JB1 5F 65 Box 5
400402 M0064004021 Straight 5F 100 Box 5
400403 M0064004031 Bern 5F 100 Box 5
400404 M0064004041 JB1 5F 100 Box 5
400503 M0064005031 Bern 5F 40 Box 5



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