Working Here

At Boston Scientific, improving lives is what we do – and our success is shared across the entire organization.


A Purpose-Driven Profession

On the street. At a store. Or, maybe, in the seat right next to you. When you work at Boston Scientific, those aren't just faces in a crowd. They may be lives you've touched - even lives you've helped to save.

That's what we do at Boston Scientific: creating leading-edge medical solutions that make life better for people everywhere. And it's a commitment we take seriously. Just ask any of the thousands of people who are proud to call themselves Boston Scientific employees.

Everything we do combines purpose and passion. It's our passion that fuels our desire to make a difference. And it's our extraordinary sense of purpose that drives us to innovate, create and collaborate. We never plan on stopping.

Our global reach stretches to our local neighborhoods, too - learn more about Boston Scientific's community initiatives.

A Common Connection

At Boston Scientific, we're all about being connected.

We're 25,000 colleagues in 40 countries across six continents. But together, we're one global team.

Our world view is enriched by all the unique experiences our employees bring to the company. Experiences that broaden our day-to-day lives and shape the way we see and solve challenges. Teamwork is a given. But we offer something more. An energy-filled, creative, collaborative atmosphere that keeps us connected on the most essential level. To each other. To patients everywhere. And to the future of healthcare.

Powered by Innovation

Here, innovation isn't a buzzword. It's a frame of mind.

The world is evolving. Simply sustaining a competitive edge in today's real-time marketplace won't cut it anymore. It's not enough to stay a step ahead. Sometimes you need to know when to leap...sideways.

That's why we look for groundbreaking ways to carve out uncharted territories. Pioneer new ideas. Reimagine the possibilities. All to stay leagues ahead of the competition while creating inspired solutions for some of today's most pressing medical challenges.

The invitation to innovate is open to everyone, regardless of role or responsibility. Working at Boston Scientific, you're given the space and freedom to wonder ‘what if?' We know that a single idea can make a big difference in the lives of patients.

The truth is, the world will change. The marketplace will change. The needs of our patients will change. But our uncompromising commitment to meeting their needs: that will never change. 

Partners in Performance

People. They're our strength. Our collective intelligence. And our competitive advantage.

At Boston Scientific, we're committed to creating a supportive atmosphere that encourages, motivates and recognizes outstanding individual performance.

Our philosophy is simple: we applaud effort. We reward great results. But the paycheck is only a small part of the story.

Rewards can come in many forms, from compensation to peer recognition. We reward based on excellence - not experience or seniority - so you can be assured that our focus is where it belongs: on you, your abilities and your accomplishments.

We strongly believe in investing in the personal and professional development of our people, so you can aspire higher - and achieve more in your career.

An Eye to the Future

Here, the future isn't something that happens a year from now. We know it's what we're working on today.

We do our work with fierce integrity, tenacity and transparency. Our strategic plan is visible. Anyone can see it - and contribute to it. We're investing in the top talent, technology and training needed to achieve even greater success.

To say we're focused on the future is an understatement. We know that the decisions we make today will shape tomorrow. Not just for ourselves and our colleagues. But for patients around the globe.