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1.3F Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket

The precision basket that puts you in control. Now you can approach and capture fragments with a flexible basket that gives you the precision and control you need in tight places. With a small 1.3F sheath, the OptiFlex Nitinol Retrieval Basket allows for maximum irrigation and a clear field of view.1

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Product Details

1.3F Sheath Size

  • Small sheath size designed for increased irrigation flow and scope deflection during ureteroscopy1 (View study data.)
  • Sheath material provides lubricity for tracking through small scope working channels

Distinct Cage Design

  • Laser cut nitinol 4-wire cage construction
  • Basket is designed to maintain cage stability during deployment
  • Cage diameter can be extended from 6mm to 11mm

Precision Handle Design

  • Thumb wheel designed for precise, customized cage sizing
  • Rack & pinion locking mechanism designed for controlled basket cage deployment
  • Control wheel designed for 360° cage rotation

Ordering Information

Order Number UPN Description Size Quantity
390300 M0063903000 OptiFlex Nitinol Retrieval Basket 1.3F x 90cm Each
390301 M0063903010 OptiFlex Nitinol Retrieval Basket 1.3F x 120cm Each


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1. Magheli A, Semins MJ, Allaf ME, et al. Critical analysis of the miniaturized stone basket: effect on deflection and flow rate. J Endourol. 2012 Mar;26(3):275-7.