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CTO Systems (3)
  • OffRoad™ Re-entry Catheter System

    OffRoad Re-entry Catheter System is an elegant solution for challenging lesions. Designed for precision and ease of use, a Positioning Balloon makes re-entry intuitive by directing a Micro-Catheter lancet to re-enter the artery.

  • TruePath™ CTO Device

    A powerful solution for intraluminal treatment of chronic total occlusions. At 0.018” in diameter, the guidewire-like profile is nearly half the size of competitive offerings, designed for optimal steering and crossing. Once positioned, the self-rotating tip works effortlessly.

Capital Equipment: Therapy (3)
Catheters: Atherectomy (3)
  • JETSTREAM™ Atherectomy System

    An innovative peripheral revascularization platform designed to restore flow through the many types of lesion morphologies encountered in peripheral arterial disease (PAD). System consists of a single-use catheter with control pod and a reusable, compact console power source that mounts to a standard I.V. stand.

Catheters: Balloon (3)
Catheters: Diagnostic (3)
Catheters: Drainage (3)
Catheters: Guide (3)
Catheters: Thrombectomy (3)
  • AngioJet™ Thrombectomy System

    The AngioJet Ultra Thrombectomy System is our most advanced system to restore blood flow to thrombosed arteries and veins. It offers all of the power and performance of our earlier AngioJet Systems, but with integrated disposables and fast, simple set-up.

Embolic Protection (3)
Embolization (3)
  • Contour™ PVA Embolization Particles

    Established Excellence in
    Particle Embolization

    The Contour PVA Embolization particles are small and irregular flakes of polyvinyl alcohol, which are used for permanent occlusion within a blood vessel. The Contour PVA Embolization Particles have been proven to be safe and effective in many clinical scenarios for decades.

  • Direxion™ and Direxion HI-FLO™ Torqueable Microcatheters

    Command the Curves. Precision Control in a Microcatheter.

  • Fathom™ Steerable Guidewires

    The Fathom Steerable Guidewires combine a nitinol hypotube distal segment with advanced microfabrication technology, creating a design that revolutionizes access of the most tortuous vasculature.

  • Interlock™ Fibered IDC™ Occlusion Systems

    The Interlock™ Fibered IDC™ Occlusion System is a fibered, platinum, detachable 0.018” coil that is mechanically attached to a coil delivery wire by “interlocking arms”. This simple and elegant design allows the coil to be advanced and retracted before final placement in the vessel, thus aiding in more controlled delivery.

  • Pushable 0.018" and 0.035" Coils

    Successful peripheral embolization requires a systematic approach including guidewires, catheters, coils, and/or embolic materials. VortX 18 and 35 Vascular Occlusion Coils are designed with a proprietary conical shape and an apex-first deployment. VortX Coils are pushable coils designed to provide compact, complete vascular occlusion and efficient embolization.

  • Renegade™ HI-FLO™ Microcatheter, Kits and Systems

    Excellent visibility without comprising kink resistance.

Guidewires (3)
Introducer Sheaths (3)
Plaque Modification (3)
  • Peripheral Rotablator™ Rotational Atherectomy System

    Precise. Predictable. Proven. Experience the controlled precision of a diamond-tipped burr designed to modify vessel compliance in even the most calcified peripheral lesions. When it comes to atherectomy, trust the Rotablator System for proven patient outcomes.

Stents: Gastrointestinal (3)
Stents: Vascular (3)

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