With a strong commitment to advancing healthcare for women, our gynecology portfolio includes three minimally invasive surgical solutions:

  • The Genesys HTA™ System is a proven therapy intended to treat menorrhagia that eliminates the need for blinded hysteroscopic surgery. With continuous direct visualization and intuitive design, the Genesys HTA System provides safe and effective treatment and can potentially treat a wide variety of uterine cavities in presence of some abnormalities.1,2

  • The Symphion™ System is the latest advancement in hysteroscopic tissue removal, including fibroids and polyps. The only system to incorporate a recirculating fluid management system, direct intrauterine pressure monitor and bladeless resection, the Symphion System was designed with safety in mind.

  • The Resectr™ Tissue Resection Device brings control without added complexity or costs.  The only oscillating resection device that works with your existing gynecologic surgery instrumentation and fluid management systems to help keep costs low.

Discover how the Genesys HTA System, Symphion System and Resectr™ Tissue Resection Device give you the ability to see and treat these conditions and allow your patients to get back to life.


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2. Reilly GP, Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology 15 (2008) S83 Can Endometrial Ablation Technique Effectiveness Be Properly Compared without Considering the Uteruses Treated?