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From coronary access to commissural alignment, the latest clinical data, and cerebral embolic protection, stay informed and empowered with invaluable insights for your practice.

The PROVE Registry Datasheet

The PROVE Registry Datasheet

Explore the late-breaking clinical data from ACURATE neo2 at in The Prove Registry consistently showcasing excellent outcomes.​

Access the data in a digestible format and gain valuable insights.

Comalign handbook

ComAlign Handbook

Master commissural alignment with the ACURATE neo2 ComAlign handbook. Your comprehensive resource for Commissural Alignment with ACURATE neo2

Discover key expert insights , evidence on ACURATE neo2 efficacy achieving commissural alignment and useful procedural resources. 

4-step Commisural Alignment guide

4-step Commisural Alignment guide

Learn thoroughly this step-by-step guide to ensure correct Commissural Alignment for  TAVI procedures.

Master TAVI precision in 4 simple steps. 

ACURATE neo2 3D online tool

ACURATE neo2 3D online tool

Discover first-hand ACURATE neo2 unique design and components in an interactive 3D environment.

Learn how the supra-annular design, open upper frame, and stabilization arches of ACURATE neo2 allow for unrestricted coronary access.

Commisural alignment 3D online tool

Commisural alignment 3D online tool

Experience and practice the commissural alignment technique with ACURATE neo2 with an advanced and realistic tool.

Discover how ACURATE neo2 unique frame design and flexible, responsive delivery system allow for best-in-class Commissural 

Commisural alignment and coronary access course series

Coronary access and Commisural alignment course series

Want to improve your TAVI outcomes with ACURATE neo2? Discover these useful  courses from experts focusing on Commissural alignment and Coronary access.

Explore challenging cases, simulation tools, interviews, and a comprehensive library of TAVI courses.  

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