PCR London Valves 2023

PCR London Valves 2023  On-demand

Replay TAVI and beyond: tackling coronary challenges

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  • The importance of coronary access after TAVI
  • The impact of TAV design and implantation technique on coronary access
  • To get some insights on coronary accessibility from extensive bench test work
  • To appreciate the impact of TAV design on coronary accessibility in a TAV-in-TAV scenario

Anchorperson: Ole De Backer

Spokesperson: Won Keun-Kim

Discussants: Giuseppe Tarantini, Arif Khokhar, Nicolas Van Mieghem, Fadi Sawaya, Verena Veulemans, Francesca Sanguineti

Replay TAVI unleashed: optimisation of immediate and long-term outcomes

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  • To understand the impact of PVL, conduction disturbances, stroke and PPM after TAVI
  • To understand THV design and its implications to appropriately select the first valve
  • To discuss latest clinical evidence in THVs

Anchorperson: Didier Tchétché

Spokesperson: Mohamed Abdel-Wahab 

Discussants: Chris Cook, Julia Mascherbauer, Federico de Marco

TAVI Education

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