FXD Curve



Access System

Designed for use with the WATCHMAN FLXTM LAAC device, WATCHMAN FXD Curve Access System brings smoother deployment and successful placement to the delivery of the most studied and implanted LACC device in the world.

WATCHMAN FXD Curve Access System

Explore the innovative new features and design enhancements:

Advanced procedural performance

Improved torque transmission and curve retention enables greater control and flexibility for positioning the WATCHMAN FLX LAAC device.

The WATCHMAN FXD Curve Access Sheath double curve optimizes the secondary curve height and shape retention to combine with the enhanced torque transmission of the sheath. This allows for a wider range of anterior anatomies compared to the double and anterior curve shapes of previous sheaths.

The WATCHMAN FXD Curve Access Sheath single curve radius has been designed to provide a more intentional access to posterior and inferior oriented anatomies.


Advanced safety

Marker band to aid in assessment of coaxiality and depth with WATCHMAN deployment techniques.

Improved fluoroscopic calibration


Single radiopaque marker band designed for the WATCHMAN FLX deployment provides improved fluoroscopic calibration and visualization of anatomy orientation

Optimized Sheath Design


Optimized Sheath Design with reinforced proximal shaft for kink resistance

Expanded treatment population

Optimized curve shapes that simplify sheath selection and improved torque transmission enhance ability to reach an expanded range of anatomies with the WATCHMAN FLX device.

FXD Curve Single Curve


Single Curve: Tighter Curve Radius Optimized for More Posterior Anatomies

FXD Curve Double Curve


Double Curve: Distal Curve Optimized for More Anterior Anatomies