Health care professionals looking at a DBS procedure

Directional DBS meets brain anatomy

A fully integrated DBS workflow

Our partnership with Brainlab allows for a complete integration of our Vercise™ portfolio into the Brainlab Elements platform.

This consists of a pre-op planning software for DBS trajectory planning and a post-op planning software called Guide™ XT to verify lead location and orientation and help programming by visualizing the position and orientation of the lead within the patient’s own segmented anatomy.

Pre-op planning and post-op review

The Vercise GENUS™ platform is fully integrated in Brainlab Elements for enriched procedure planning with Elements Stereotaxy and localization of the Boston Scientific leads with regards to own segmented anatomy of the patient and fiber tracts.

Image guided programming with STIMVIEW™ XT Technology

STIMVIEW XT Technology brings visualization into the programming environment to help the programming physicians to benefit from the detailed surgical procedure and integrate that information into the programming strategy. Correlating the clinical outcomes of stimulation with the brain region being stimulated in real time will help to drastically reduce programming time.¹

Stimview XT data driven brochure

1. Image Guided programming in PD patients enables a reduction in programming time compared with standard clinical based programming (p=39).
Lange F, Et al. Reduced Programming Time and Strong Symptom Control Even in Chronic Course Through Imaging-Based DBS Programming. Front Neurol. 2021 Nov 8;12:785529. N=10

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Health care professionals looking at a DBS procedure

Streamline the DBS Workflow With Stimview™ XT Technology

Hear from an expert: Pr Volkmann

Hear from an expert: Dr Capetian

Brainlab Online Campus

Learn more about the Brainlab Elements Image Fusion, Anatomical Mapping and Lead Localization

Health care professionals looking at a DBS procedure

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GUIDE™ XT is intended to display medical images and simulate stimulation output. It includes functions for image manipulation and 3D visualization (reconstructions and volume rendering). Features include display of a simulated DBS Lead from a Patient’s CT scan compared with an anatomical atlas.

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