EMERGE female physician programme

Aspire, achieve, lead

A programme to help female physicians excel in the interventional and vascular space.


A unique programme to empower female physicians

When we challenge gender disparity, we advance a future generation of female physicians in interventional radiology and vascular surgery.


Gender disparity in interventional and vascular medicine is a challenge that must be addressed. At Boston Scientific we believe that diverse teams bring broader ideas and new perspectives to the table.

The women who defy the statistics by choosing this career path are the key to fundamental change. Developed in partnership with key opinion leaders in the interventional and vascular space, the EMERGE programme will provide tools to support female physicians in the early stages of their careers. 

Ultimately, EMERGE will contribute to the creation a new cohort of empowered female advocates, who will in turn inspire, mentor and lead future generations of women doctors.

Be part of the change.


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The objectives of the programme:

  • Empower female interventionalists and vascular surgeons self-development
  • Minimise diversity gap among future KOLs
  • Enable like-minded peers to collaborate on a regular basis, idea sharing
  • Recognise and share their own work
  • Grow the confidence to excel in leadership roles
  • Educate across both clinical and leadership topics via a sustainable and hybrid learning continuum



  • Physicians in Interventional medicine or vascular surgery
  • Female physicians in the early stage of their careers
  • Valid employment contract in a recognised institution
  • Approval from institution
  • Practising in Europe, Middle-East and Africa


Detailed programme coming soon !


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