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Access Device: Dilatation

THREADER™ Micro-Dilatation Catheter

Provides the strength to cross and the ability to dilate the smallest, tightest lesions

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Atherectomy Systems

ROTABLATOR™ Rotational Atherectomy System

Features the front-cutting, stable rotation of a diamond-tipped burr

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APEX™ PTCA Dilatation Catheter

Offers innovative shaft and tip technology, along with an expanded size matrix

EMERGE™ PTCA Dilatation Catheter

Designed to navigate and cross even the most challenging lesions with unprecedented ease

NC EMERGE™ PTCA Dilatation Catheter

Experience the exceptional performance of our most advanced PTCA catheter

NC QUANTUM APEX™ PTCA Dilatation Catheter

Optimize stent deployment with a high-performance, post-dilatation balloon catheter

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CONVEY Guide Catheter

Get both ease and precision with Convey Guide Catheter, featuring a unique hydrophilic coating, outstanding torque control, and excellent shape retention.

EXPO Diagnostic Catheter

Designed to promote quick, safe vessel engagement and reliable performance for a smooth diagnostic procedure.

GUIDEZILLA™ II Guide Extension Catheter

Facilitates the placement of interventional devices and provides additional guide back-up when treating lesions.

IMPULSE Diagnostic Catheter

Flextrusion technology for a smooth transition from stiff proximal shaft to soft distal segment.

MACH 1 Guide Catheter

A large lumen and optimal shaft performance offers precise handling, device delivery options and clinical versatility.

RUNWAY Guide Catheter

High-performance design for exceptional support, strength and control in case after case.

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CTO Systems

CROSSBOSS™ Coronary CTO Crossing Catheter

Designed to quickly and safely deliver a guidewire via the true lumen or subintimal pathways 

STINGRAY™ LP Coronary CTO Re-Entry System

Accurately target and re-enter the true lumen from a subintimal position

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Cutting Balloon

FLEXTOME™ Cutting Balloon™ Dilatation Device

Enhances your ability to treat resistant lesions

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Embolic Protection

FILTERWIRE EZ™ Embolic Protection System for SVGs

Designed for simplicity and effectiveness to deliver efficient, predictable protection

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Exchange Device

TRAPPER™ Exchange Device

Engineered with a tip-to-hub core wire for durability without losing wire position—while maximizing the efficiency of your complex cases.

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FFR & IVUS Systems

COMET™ Pressure Guidewire

Provides clear results so you can make the right decision for your patient

OPTICROSS™ Coronary Imaging Catheters

Enables confident treatment decisions with exceptional image quality to optimize PCI

POLARIS Multi-Modality Guidance System

Designed for smart, fast, and accurate PCI guidance

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SENTAI Guidewire Family

A Japanese-engineered line of guidewires designed to respond to the artistry of your technique

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Thrombectomy Systems

ANGIOJET™ Ultra Thrombectomy System

The only FDA-approved mechanical thrombectomy device for removal of thrombus in coronary arteries

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