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Coronary CTO Crossing Catheter

Designed to quickly and safely deliver a guidewire via the true lumen or subintimal pathways, CrossBoss Catheter gives you total access to coronary chronic total occlusions.

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Ordering Information

UPN # Catalog Number Product Name/Description C Code
H749M2000A0 M-2000-A CROSSBOSS Catheter C1725
08714729903352 (GTIN) 39312-0SR STINGRAY LP Device C1725
H749M3004A0 M-3004-A STINGRAY Guidewire 300 cm C1769
H749M3010A0 M-3010-A STINGRAY Extension Wire C1769
H749M3012A0 M-3012-A STINGRAY Guidewire 185 cm C1769

Clinical Information


Facilitated Antegrade Steering Technique in Chronic Total Occlusions

The FAST-CTO trial demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the CrossBoss and Stingray Coronary CTO Crossing and Re-Entry devices to recanalize coronary CTOs in comparison to historical controls.

  • Multi-center, non-randomized US IDE study
  • 147 patients in 16 centers

Safe and Effective

Use of the CrossBoss and Stingray Crossing and Re-Entry devices result in a high technical success, 77%, without increasing complications.1

Reduced Procedure Time

Procedural success was improved with a 28.1% reduction in mean procedure time (minutes) as well as a reduction in fluoroscopy time.1

Principal Investigators

Patrick Whitlow MD, William Lombardi MD, Michael Wyman MD, Craig Thompson MD

Cleveland Clinic, PeaceHealth Medical Center/St Joseph Hospital, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Yale University School of Medicine

Primary Endpoints

FAST-CTO Primary Endpoints FAST-CTO Primary Endpoints

Secondary Endpoint

FAST-CTO Secondary Endpoint FAST-CTO Secondary Endpoint


1. Whitlow P. Lombardi W, Wyman M et al. Use of Novel Crossing and Re-Entry System in Coronary Chronic Total Occlusion That Have Failed Standard Crossing Techniques. Journal of American College of Cardiology Intervention. 2012;5:393-401.

2. Wyman M. The BridgePoint Medical CTO System: Results of the "Fast-CTO" US IDE Study. TCT 2010.