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Coronary CTO Re-Entry System


Product Details

STINGRAY LP Coronary CTO Re-Entry System

Designed for reliability, safety, and predictability, STINGRAY LP allows the operator to accurately target and re-enter the true lumen from a subintimal position.

  • Self-orienting, flat balloon hugs the vessel, automatically positioning one exit port toward the true lumen
  • 180˚ opposed and offsetting exit ports enable selective guidewire re-entry
  • Two radiopaque marker bands facilitate accurate placement and positioning
  • Hydrophilic coating on the balloon shaft ensures smooth device delivery
  • 3.2F shaft diameter allows trapping in 7F guide and STRAW technique in 8F guide catheter

Stingray LP Coronary CTO Re-entry System Stingray LP Coronary CTO Re-entry System

Ordering Information

UPN # Catalog Number Product Name/Description C Code
H749M2000A0 M-2000-A CROSSBOSS Catheter C1725
08714729903352 (GTIN) 39312-0SR STINGRAY LP Device C1725
H749M3004A0 M-3004-A STINGRAY Guidewire 300 cm C1769
H749M3010A0 M-3010-A STINGRAY Extension Wire C1769
H749M3012A0 M-3012-A STINGRAY Guidewire 185 cm C1769