Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

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Features the only customized Platinum Chromium Stent architecture, the market-leading Everolimus drug and PVDF-HFP polymer combination and an enhanced catheter to provide Premier outcomes.

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(mm) STENT LENGTH (mm)      
  8 12 16 20
2.25 H7493952808220 H7493952812220 H7493952816220 H7493952820220
2.5 H7493952808250 H7493952812250 H7493952816250 H7493952820250
2.75 H7493952808270 H7493952812270 H7493952816270 H7493952820270
3 H7493952808300 H7493952812300 H7493952816300 H7493952820300
3.5 H7493952808350 H7493952812350 H7493952816350 H7493952820350
4 H7493952808400 H7493952812400 H7493952816400 H7493952820400

(mm) STENT LENGTH (mm)      
  24 28 32 38
2.25 H7493952824220 H7493952828220 H7493952832220 N/A
2.5 H7493952824250 H7493952828250 H7493952832250 H7493952838250
2.75 H7493952824270 H7493952828270 H7493952832270 H7493952838270
3 H7493952824300 H7493952828300 H7493952832300 H7493952838300
3.5 H7493952824350 H7493952828350 H7493952832350 H7493952838350
4 H7493952824400 H7493952828400 H7493952832400 H7493952838400
(mm) STENT LENGTH (mm)      
  8 12 16 20
2.25 H7493925208220 H7493925212220 H7493925216220 H7493925220220
2.5 H7493925208250 H7493925212250 H7493925216250 H7493925220250
2.75 H7493925208270 H7493925212270 H7493925216270 H7493925220270
3 H7493925208300 H7493925212300 H7493925216300 H7493925220300
3.5 H7493925208350 H7493925212350 H7493925216350 H7493925220350
4 H7493925208400 H7493925212400 H7493925216400 H7493925220400
(mm) STENT LENGTH (mm)      
  24 28 32 38
2.25 H7493925224220 H7493925228220 H7493925232220 N/A
2.5 H7493925224250 H7493925228250 H7493925232250 H7493925238250
2.75 H7493925224270 H7493925228270 H7493925232270 H7493925238270
3 H7493925224300 H7493925228300 H7493925232300 H7493925238300
3.5 H7493925224350 H7493925228350 H7493925232350 H7493925238350
4 H7493925224400 H7493925228400 H7493925232400 H7493925238400

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Clinical Information

PLATINUM Workhorse Trial

Study Objective
Evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Promus PtCr EES Stent System* for the treatment of patients with up to 2 de novo lesions ≤ 24 mm in length; ≥ 2.50 mm to ≤ 4.25 mm in diameter compared to the Xience CoCr EES

Study Design
Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Non-inferiority, Multicenter

More PLATINUM Workhorse Trial Results

Numerically Lower Event Rates1

4-Year Clinical Results


The C-Code used for the Promus PREMIER Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System is C1874 Stent, coated/covered with delivery system. C-Codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers. Note: Boston Scientific Corporation is not responsible for correct use of codes on submitted claims; this information does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice. 

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