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Pressure Guidewire

The COMET Pressure Guidewire is a true workhorse pressure guidewire designed to be highly deliverable with a shapeable, atraumatic Asahi tip, optimized rail support for device delivery and with flexible integration options available.

Key Resources

POLARIS Multi-Modality Guidance System Learn more about your options in Coronary Physiology


Product Overview

The COMET Trial

The COMET Pressure Guidewire versus St. Jude PressureWire™1

  • The COMET Trial demonstrated equivalent drift performance (0.02 mmHg drift observed)
  • The variation between these two pressure wires was no greater than a pair of St. Jude wires

Case Study

Case Study using the COMET Pressure Guidewire

Learn how a leading interventional cardiologist, Jeffrey Chambers, MD successfully uses Boston Scientific’s new FFR COMET Pressure Guidewire to identify moderate lesions in a distal right coronary.

Product Specifications

Comet Pressure Guidewire Illustration Comet Pressure Guidewire Illustration


Flexible Integration Options

POLARIS Multi-Modality Guidance System

  • Available in both integrated and mobile system options
  • Intuitive IVUS and Coronary Physiology software to help decrease procedure time
  • Full access to family of IVUS catheters


FFR Direct

  • Integrates into existing hemodynamic system
  • Minimal capital footprint
  • Physiology result transmits directly into patient record
  • Boston Scientific is compatible with all hemodynamic systems*


Ordering Information

Ref/Catalog Number

Order Number (GTIN)


H749 555111 0


COMET Pressure Guidewire


The C-Code used for the COMET Pressure Guidewire is C1769. C-Codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers. Note: Boston Scientific Corporation is not responsible for correct use of codes on submitted claims; this information does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice.

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