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Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker (CRT-P)

Delivering More

VALITUDE X4 is Boston Scientific's most advanced CRT-P System. With more pacing vector options and more battery life than any other CRT-P on the market,1-3 a new Atrial Arrhythmia Report and additional new features, VALITUDE is delivering more options for implant efficiency and more tools for proactive patient management.

Key Resources

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Product Features

Clinical Benefits for You and Your Patients. 

17 Pacing Vector Options

With up to 20% more pacing vector options than any other CRT-P on the market, VALITUDE X4 provides maximum flexibility in choosing optimal lead position, managing phrenic nerve stimulation and managing pacing thresholds.1-3

Industry-leading Projected Longevity

VALITUDE X4 includes the industry’s longest lasting CRT-P battery, projected to last 10.3 years, and the largest battery capacity at 1.6 amp hours.*2-4

*(DDDR 70, pacing 15% A 100% BiV, 2.5V A&V, 3.0V LV, 500ohms)

Atrial Arrhythmia Report

The new Atrial Arrhythmia Report is now available with the VALITUDE X4 system, providing a comprehensive view of your patient’s AT/AF status and information for assessing AF treatment efficacy.*

*Data provided by the VALITUDE System is intended to support screening and management of AT/AF but does not diagnose AF.

Automatic Daily Monitoring

VALUTIDE X4 offers Automatic Daily Monitoring with the LATITUDE™ NXT Patient Management System, to improve clinic efficiency and provide a higher level of care for your device patients. LATITUDE checks device status with no interaction from the patient and enables earlier arrhythmia detection through improved patient compliance.


VALITUDE X4 carries forward this suite of diagnostics including Respiratory Rate Trend (RRT) which allows you to measure and track your patient’s respiration; Heart Rate Variability (HRV) footprint; SDANN; Autonomic Balance Monitor and heart rate trend showing long-term maximum, minimum and average heart rate.

EasyView™ Header

VALITUDE X4 features the EasyView Header with new port labels to aid in efficient port identification during implant.

Post Operative System Test (POST)

With the new POST feature, VALITUDE provides a fully automatic system evaluation to check lead impedances, intrinsic amplitudes and capture thresholds prior to discharge.


The new Snapshot feature allows you to capture up to 12 seconds of ECG/EGM for real-time review.

SmartDelay® AV Delay Optimization

SmartDelay customizes paced and sensed AV delays with the goal of creating electrical fusion to maximize hemodynamic function.

Mechanical Specifications

Model Type Size (cm)
(W x H x D)
Mass (g) Volume (cc) Connector Type
U128 X4 CRT-P 4.45 x 6.17 x 0.75 33.0 17.6 RA/RV: IS1 - LV:IS4 C2621

Projected Longevity

Pacing Amplitude (V) Years
2.5 3.0 10.3

Additional Longevity Information

  • Settings: DDDR mode, 100% biventricular pacing, 15% atrial pacing, pulse width 0.4ms (RA, RV, LV), Impedance 500Ω, LRL 70bpm, Sensor On, EGM Onset On. These calculations also assume that the pulse generator spends 6 months in Storage mode during shipping and storage, the ZIP™ telemetry use for 3 hours at implant time and for 40 minutes annually for in-clinic follow-up checks. For longevity calculations based on different settings please contact Boston Scientific technical services or your local representative.
  • Power Supply: lithium-carbon monofluoride cell; Boston Scientific; 402294.


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