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BLAZER™ Open Irrigated

Temperature Ablation Catheter

The BLAZER Open Irrigated Catheter, with its Total Tip Cooling™ design, provides an elegant cooling platform with the robust handling capabilities of the historical BLAZER platform to provide performance and efficacy.

Key Resources

Directions for Use BLAZER OI Spec Sheet Indications, Safety and Warnings



Product Details

Cool Performance. Confident Handling.

Proven BLAZER Performance Characteristics

  • Bidirectional Steering
  • Predictable trackability and torqueability
  • Fine Micromovements
  • Exceptional Tip Stability and Contact

Curve Style and Options

  • Standard
  • Large
  • Large / Extra Long
  • Asymmetric

Ordering Information

Electrode Configuration: Quadripolar
Electrode Spacing: 2.5mm

Catheter Model Number Shaft Size Tip Size Curve Style Shaft Length
M004 9620 0  7.5F 7F/4mm Standard Curve 110cm
M004 9620K2 0  7.5F 7F/4mm Large Curve 110cm
M004 9620 K2E 0  7.5F 7F/4mm Large Curve Extra Long 115cm
M004 9620N4 0  7.5F 7F/4mm Asymmetric Curve 110cm


 Model Number Description
M004 671 0 BLAZER OI to MAESTRO 4000 Cable
M004 117 0 METRIQ™ Irrigation Tubing Set
M004 4100 0 METRIQ™ Pump


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