ACCOLADE™ Pacing Systems



Automatic features support lead checks, AF detection and wireless remote monitoring – for the ultimate convenience in patient management.

Atrial Arrhythmia Report

Atrial fibrillation (AF) leads to increased risk of stroke and is highly prevalent in the pacemaker population.

Atrial Arrhythmia Report allows automatic screening of AF, enabling physicians to initiate treatment earlier and potentially prevent strokes.

  • Assess AF status
  • Determine length and burden of episodes
  • Correlate patient symptoms to rates
  • Assess AF treatment efficacy
  • Available in-clinic or via LATITUDE NXT

LATITUDETM NXT Remote Patient Management plus Wireless RF Technology

The LATITUDE NXT Patient Management System is an in-home monitoring system that gives the health care team access to implanted device and specific heart health information. This information is collected and used between scheduled office visits. The LATITUDE™ system checks the device in the convenience of the patient’s home and sends information to a secure website that only the health care team can view.

ACCOLADE with RF (radiofrequency) telemetry improves patient compliance with remote monitoring, thereby designed to allow AF to be detected earlier.

Diagnostics for Comorbidity Management

LATITUDE NXT + RF telemetry permits a multi-diagnostic approach for a wide array of comorbidities, allowing earlier detection of changes with minimal patient involvement.

AP Scan™

Sleep apnea is one of the most common comorbidities in patients with cardiovascular disease. Sleep Apnea has up to 60% prevalence in the Pacemaker population1, with 80% remaining undiagnosed.1-6 [ESC Clinical update 2012] The AP Scan trend Identifies implanted patients at risk of severe sleep apnea who may benefit from further investigation and potentially better treatment.1-6

TrendClinical relevance
AP ScanComorbidity management 
Heart Rate Variability HF progression markers
% Pacing CRT optimization
Atrial Arrhythmia ReportComorbidity management
Patient ActivityMonitor exercise capacity
Respiratory RateRisk of HF readmission
Weight & Blood PressureRisk of HF readmission

RightRate™ Minute Ventilation Technology

As a patient breathes, ACCOLADE™ uses trans-thoracic impedance to measure minute ventilation. Minute Ventilation is a physiologic sensor because  it is highly correlated with a physiological sign – breathing.

ACCOLADE™ with RightRate Minute Ventilation Technology can help restore chronotropic competence to better enable patients to exercise.