MRI Pacing Lead Family

INGEVITY™ is designed from the ground up for the MR environment, enabling scanning in 1.5T and 3T MRI machines, and an improved implant experience. 99,5% of implanters positively rated INGEVITY™ on lead handling and maneuverability.1

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INGEVITY™ – MRI Pacing Lead Family

Assurance, first.
Assurance, first

INGEVITY™ is the only lead with 4 layers of insulation between conductors for long-term reliability.* INGEVITY™ has a proprietary coil design – co-axial with redundant insulation – combining the best of existing co-axial and co-radial lead designs.

  • High fatigue coil design, adopted from FINELINE™ – 98.6% reliable with 1,3M leads implanted since 2001**
  • Insulation materials proven effective in lead usage over 20+ years
Improved Implant Experience
Improved Implant Experience

The INGEVITY™ advanced fixation system is designed for precise and stable positioning. A consistent design across the family enables improved handling, positioning, electrical performance and ease of use:

  • Flexible tip reduces tip pressure and increases tissue adherence
  • Stylet extends beyond the anode for greater tip control – allowing precise lead placement
More Freedom for MRI2
More Freedom for MRI

Patients implanted with ImageReady™ MR Conditional pacemakers and INGEVITY™ can receive a full body scan at 1.5T and 3.0T with SAR 4.0 W/Kg.2

INGEVITY™ is designed for the MRI environment, with higher inductance coils and lower heating than FINELINE™

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