SpyGlass™ Direct Visualization System

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SpyGlass Direct Visualization System: SpyScope™ Access and Delivery Catheter with SpyBite forceps and EHL probe
Animation: System components; taking biopsies in CBD and PD; fragmenting gallstones - under direct visualization
SpyGlass intraductal image: SpyBite Forceps taking a biopsy of a mass in CBD. Diagnosis: Cholangiocarcinoma
SpyGlass intraductal image: EHL probe projected out of SpyScope Catheter ready to fragment stones in the bile duct
SpyGlass intraductal image: SpyBite Forceps taking a biopsy in the pancreatic duct. Diagnosis: IPMN

A single-operator system for diagnosing pancreaticobiliary strictures using the SpyBite™ Forceps and for use with EHL and Holmium Laser for large or difficult stones in the biliary system. Over 40,000 procedures to date worldwide.

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Ordering Information

SpyGlass Direct Visualization System: Capital Equipment & Devices
SpyGlass Direct Visualization System Ordering Information


Direct Visualization System Capital Components 
Part Number Description Packaging Component Dimensions in Dimensions cm Weight lbs Weight kg
M00546110 SpyGlass Camera PAL* Box 1 Camera² 240 V (PAL) 12.6 W x 4 H x 14 D 32 W x 10.2 H x 35.6 D 10 4.53
M00546120 SpyGlass Video Monitor Box 1 Video Monitor 17.5 W x 15.8 H x 4.75 D 44.45 W x 40.13 H x 12.07 D 20 9.06
M00546160 SpyGlass Travel Cart1 Box 1 Travel cart1 19.5 W x 48.25 H x 21 D 49.5 W x 122.6 H x53.3 D 150 68
M00546190 SpyGlass Lightsource Box 1 Lightsource 12.6 W x 5.6 H x 9.7 D 32 W x 14.2 H x 24.6 D 13 5.89
M00546210 SpyGlass Light Cable Box 1 Light Cable 5 long 12.7 long <1 <0.453
M00546040 SpyGlass Ocular Box 1 Ocular     <0.5 <0.226
M00546240 Isolation Transformer (230 V)** Box 1 Isolation Transformer (240 V) 12 W x 4.5 H x 8.6 D 30.5 W x 11.4 H x 21.8 D 23 10.432
M00546140 Irrigation Pump with Foot Switch Box 1 Irrigation Pump with Footswitch 8 W x 5.5 H x 6.5 D 20.3 W x 14 H x 16.5 D 5 2.26
M00546060 SpyGlass Storage Tray – Large2 Box 1 Large Probe Storage Tray⁴
11 W x 2 H x 8 D 27.9 W x 5.1 H x 20.3 D 2.5 1.134
M00546050 SpyGlass Storage Tray – Small2 Box 1
Small Probe Storage Tray⁴ 7 W x 2 H x 5.5 D 17.8 W x 5.1 H x 14 D 1.3 0.589
M00546250 Power Cable Pack Box 1 Power Cable Pack Cables Included: 2 - 0.5 meter
1 - 1 meter
2 - 1.5 meter
n/a n/a
M00546070 3-Joint Arm with Clamp1 Box 1 3-Joint Arm with Clamp³ 31.5 long (extended) 80 long (extended) 1.61 0.73
M00546200 SpyGlass Lightsource Replacement Bulb Box 1          
M00546180     Components Assembly Manual     <1 <0.453
Reusable Equipment
Order Number Description Packaging
M00546030 SpyGlass Direct Visualization Probe3 Box 1
Disposable Equipment
Order Number Description Packaging
M00546230 SpyScope Access & Delivery Catheter1 Box 1
M00546270 SpyBite Biopsy Forceps Box 1
M00546451 SpyGlass Irrigation Tube Set1 Box 10
1 3-Joint Arm (without clamp) is included with the Travel Cart (M00546160). The 3-Joint Arm with Clamp (M00546070) is useful if the account does not want to purchase the Travel Cart, as it allows the account to mount the arm to another cart or table. 

2 Purchase of a minimum of two storage trays is recommended. Large storage trays (M00546060) are recommended unless account reprocesses in an Olympus™ Medivators™ Machine, into which the large storage trays will not fit. In this case, small storage trays should be ordered (M00546050). 

* For countries providing mains voltage of 120V please order M00546100 Spyglass Camera NTSC. 

** For countries providing mains voltage of 120V please order M00546260 Isolation Transformer 120V. 

3 SpyGlass Probes have been validated to 20 cycles of reprocessing without degradation of image. The true number of procedural uses, however, will depend on how the SpyGlass Probe is handled. Fiberoptics are very sensitive and need delicate handling.


Direct Visualization Probe  
Order Code Description Working Length Field of View Maximum Insertion Portion Max. Diameter Min. Req. Working Channel
M00546030 SpyGlass Direct Visualization Probe 231 cm 70° 0.81 mm 0.9 mm 1 mm
M00546040 Ocular - - - - -
M00546050 Probe Small Storage Tray² - - - - -
M00546060 Probe Small Storage Tray² - - - - -
M00546210 Light Cable - - - - -


Biopsy Forceps  
Order Code Description Cable Diameter Jaw Outer Diameter Jaw Opening Working Length Required Endoscope Working Channel
M00546270 SpyBite Biopsy Forceps 0.99 mm (0.039 in) 1.0 mm 4.1 mm, 55° 286 cm 1 .2mm

Clinical Information

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Case Studies

     Chronic Pancreatitis with Stones and Stricture case study Watch Video > 
    Tissue Acquisition of Mid-Distal Common Bile Duct Stricture Watch Video >

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