SpyGlass™ Direct Visualization System

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SpyGlass Direct Visualization System: SpyScope™ Access and Delivery Catheter with SpyBite forceps and EHL probe
Animation: System components; taking biopsies in CBD and PD; fragmenting gallstones - under direct visualization
SpyGlass intraductal image: SpyBite Forceps taking a biopsy of a mass in CBD. Diagnosis: Cholangiocarcinoma
SpyGlass intraductal image: EHL probe projected out of SpyScope Catheter ready to fragment stones in the bile duct
SpyGlass intraductal image: SpyBite Forceps taking a biopsy in the pancreatic duct. Diagnosis: IPMN

A single-operator system for diagnosing pancreaticobiliary strictures using the SpyBite™ Forceps and for use with EHL and Holmium Laser for large or difficult stones in the biliary system. Over 40,000 procedures to date worldwide.

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Ordering Information

SpyGlass Direct Visualization System: Capital Equipment & Devices

SpyGlass™ DS System

Order Number



SpyGlass DS Digital Controller


SpyScope DS Access & Delivery Catheter

SpyGlass™ DS Accessories Devices (Optional)

Order Number


Cable Diameter (in/mm)

Jaw Outer Diameter (mm)

Working Length (cm)

Required Endoscope Working Channel (mm)


SpyBite™ Max Biopsy Forceps 

0.039 / 1.0





Irrigation Tubing Set





Capital Equipment (Optional)

Order Number





Sony Video Monitor

17.5'W x 15.8'H x 4.75'D

High Resolution 1280 x 1024


Irrigation Pump with Footswitch

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 25VA

0-375 ml/min +-20%
using SpyGlass Irrigation Tube Set

Clinical Information

    Final Results from Largest Prospective Investigation of Peroral Cholangioscopy › 
    Collection of Cholangioscopy and Pancreatoscopy Images Illustrating Various Pathologic Conditions › 

Case Studies

     Chronic Pancreatitis with Stones and Stricture case study Watch Video > 
    Tissue Acquisition of Mid-Distal Common Bile Duct Stricture Watch Video >

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Presented by C.M. Cacares, MD
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