ACCOLADE™ Pacing Systems


ACCOLADE™ is a full range of MR conditional pacemakers with the most options for MRI1-5

Uniquely 3T and 1.5T MR-conditional

  • ACCOLADE is the world’s first pacemaker system compatible with 3T and 1.5T scan1-5

Automatic MRI Timeout Mode

  • programmable MRI Timer will return patients to original pacemaker settings after the scan.  

No exclusion zones

  • Designed for full body scan, with no thoracic exclusion zones, to offer patients no restrictions in future MRI scans.

No time limits for scans

  • Uninterrupted MRI scans are designed to ensure optimal results for patients and radiologists.

Higher SAR limit

  • Labelled for higher SAR limits at 4 W/kg for no change to the radiologist‘s workflow.

No patient restrictions

  • Regardless of patient age, height, or remaining device longevity.


25% of new MRI machine installations are 3T6.

Advancements in MRI imaging technologies, and demand for non-invasive and ionizing radiation-free diagnostic procedures are a few growth drivers.


While 1.5 T machines remain the clinical standard, 3.0 T MRI scanners improve image quality and reduce scan time

Higher definition

3T MRI scans help physicians see intricate details in soft tissue, for example in the brain, for instance, in acute stroke, TIA, and brain tumors.

Shorter scan times

are helpful for patients who experience claustrophobia or have difficulty remaining motionless, such as young children.