Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

SYNERGY™ Stent Clinical Overview

The SYNERGY™ BP Stent demonstrates consistently low stent thrombosis rates in over 18,000 patients across 9 studies

ARC ST (Def) Rates for the SYNERGY™ BP Stent17

Low late and very late ST rates across multiple trials.
ARC ST (Def) Rates for the SYNERGY BP Stent

Heal With Confidence: Leading in Complex Patients


Zero in on Safety: Stent Thrombosis in Perspective

Kang Network Meta-Analysis
SCAAR Registry

Leading On Studying Short DAPT

Leading On Studying Short DAPT
* Investigator-Sponsored Study. Boston Scientific is not responsible for the collection, analysis, or reporting of the investigator-sponsored research output which is the sole responsibility of the investigators. Boston Scientific's involvement in investigator-sponsored research is limited to providing financial support for research that advances medical and scientific knowledge about our products.
t The safety and effectiveness of the SYNERGY BP Stent has not been established in patients with Left Main disease. Please review the SYNERGY DFU for full instructions on use.

EVOLVE Short DAPT Trial: Primary Endpoint Results 12 Months Post-DAPT Discontinuation


ARC definite/probable ST
vs. performance goal

0.2% ST Rate

ARC definite/probable ST vs. performance goal chart

Adjusted death/MI with 3-month DAPT
vs. historical control


Adjusted death/MI with 3-month DAPT vs. historical control chart

SENIOR Trial: Studying 1-Month and 6-Month DAPT in Elderly Patients


All patients

All patients chart

1-month DAPT discontinuation cohort§§ 

1-month DAPT discontinuation cohort

ASET Trial

Zero Definite ST

with the SYNERGY™ BP Stent in
selected patients with low risk stable CAD

ASET is a multicenter, single arm, proof-of-concept trial evauating the feasibility and safety of a single anti platelet therapy with prasugrel, starting immediately after successful PCI with the SYNERGY™ BP Stent (i.e. no DAPT; aspirin-free monotherapy).

Excellent Outcomes in Long Lesions

  • 100 patients
  • 15 sites across US, Europe, and New Zealand
  • 100% B2/C lesions
  • 27% diabetes mellitus

Exceptional Deliverability

Exceptional Deliverability

Learn about the continued advancement in deliverability that SYNERGY™ offers.

SYNERGY™ 48 mm

SYNERGY™ 48 mm

Discover the FIRST and ONLY 48 mm DES.

Early Healing

Early Healing

Find out how synchronous drug elution and polymer absorption enables early healing.