Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

Exceptional Deliverability

Synergy™ stent system comes with New laser-cut Hypotube technology having ~300 cuts over 100 mm length. It Extends into midshaft to exit port to improve pushability. Additional length maintains midshaft flexibility.
Laser-cut hypotube provides exceptional deliverability by improving pushability and trackability.
Monorail Port

Low Stent Profile allows navigation through tight complex lesions

Synergy Stent System
Synergy Acute Performance
PtCr Alloy provides excellent visibility for accurate stent placement and assessing malaposed struts.

Wide Range of Labeled Post-Dilatation Limits2

The SYNERGY™ 5.0/4.5/4.0mm stent, with overexpansion capabilities to 5.75mm, provides versatility when sizing for LAD and LCX and over-expanding to fit LM.
Wide Range of Labeled Post-Dilatation Limits

Increased Radial Strength at Over-Expansion3

The SYNERGY™ large vessel model becomes stronger as it is expanded to its over-expansion limit at 5.75 mm.
Increased Radial Strength at Over-Expansion

Robust Design for Bifurcation Stenting

The 2-connector design throughout the body maximizes side cell expansion capabilities and provides flexibility for bifurcation stenting. Fewer connectors minimize chance of having a connector obstructing the side branch, providing better side branch access.
Robust Design for Bifurcation Stenting


Side Cell Expansion Range for

Modern DES 4.0mm stents


Number of Connectors23
Side Cell Expansion Range7.1 mm5.6 mm

SYNERGY™ 48 mm

SYNERGY™ 48 mm

Discover the FIRST and ONLY 48 mm DES.

Early Healing

Early Healing

Find out how synchronous drug elution and polymer absorption enables early healing.

SYNERGY™ Clinical Overview

SYNERGY™ Clinical Overview

Discover the clinical evidence on the SYNERGY™ BP Stent, including multiple short DAPT studies.