Everolimus-Eluting Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System

SYNERGY™ 48 mm


Long Lesions represent a complex lesion subset that is associated with increased safety related events, reduced efficacy and increased procedure time

The 48 mm SYNERGY™ BP Stent addresses long lesion complexity
  • Superior deliverability and visibility
  • Excellent conformability to vessel anatomy
  • Largest on-label overexpansion limits to accommodate proximal to distal tapered vessels
  • Preserving side branches with thin struts and 2-connector design
  • Biodegradable polymer inhibits delayed arterial healing and neoatherosclerosis
Post PCI 

Thin strut design to reduce vessel injury and risk of thrombogenicity

Strut Design
BP Stent
  • The Synchrony™ Bioabsorbable PLGA Polymer coating is applied only to the abluminal side of the SYNERGY™ BP Stent to stimulate healthy endothelialization
  • SYNERGY™ BP Stent has shown full stent strut coverage as early as 30-days in humans*
  • Boston Scientific's Platinum Chromium alloy was designed specifically for coronary stents

Bioabsorbable Polymer in Perspective

SYNERGY™ BP Stent offers peace of mind knowing that the polymer is gone shortly after the drug is completely eluted at 3-months*
Bioabsorbable Polymer in Perspective
*Adapted from presentation by Ida Riise Balleby, MD at ACC 2016.

SYNERGY™ BP Stent reduced acute inflammation versus BMS and late inflammation versus permanent polymer stents in a preclinical model

inflammation versus permanent polymer stents in a preclinical model

PtCr Alloy is the foundation of stent performance

Platinum Chromium Alloy
Platinum Chromium Alloy
  • Platinum has over 2x the density of iron or cobalt
  • Platinum provides increased strength when alloyed with stainless steel
  • Specifically developed for coronary stents
PtCr Alloy is the foundation of stent performance

Key Advantages

  • Enhanced visibility
  • Exceptional radial strength and conformability
  • Minimized recoil

Labeled Post-Dilatation Limits

Highest on-label post dilatation limits
Highest on-label post dilatation limits
*Adapted from presentations by Juan Granada, MO at TCT2014 (and PCR 2014). Evaluated the PtCr Bare-Metal Stent Preclinical; Diseased Porcine Model.
tSYNERGY™ Stent System, Promos PREMIER Stent System, Xience Alpine Stent, Resolute Integrity Stent DFU.
48 mm SYNERGY'" BP Stent

SYNERGY BP Stent, now available in 48mm




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2.50 H749392621N1250 H7493926212250 H7493926216250 H7493926220250 H7493926224250 7493926228250 H7493926232250 H7493926238250 H7493926248250 3.50
2.75 H749392fi200270 H7493926212270 H7493926216270 H7493926220270 H7493926224270 H749392622B270 H7493926232270 H7493926238270 H7493926248270 3.50
3.00 H749392fi208300 H7493926212300 H7493926216300 H7493926220300 H7493926224300 H7493926228300 H7493926232300 H7493926238300 H7493926248300 4.25
3.50 H7493921i208350 H7493926212350 H7493926216350 H7493926220350 H7493926224350 H74939?.6228350 H7493926232350 H7493926238350 H7493926248350 4.25
4.00 H749392fi208400 H7493926212400 H7493926216400 H7493926220400 H7493926224400 H7493926228400 H7493926232400 H7493926238400 H7493926248400 5.75
4.50   H7493926212450 H7493926216450 H7493926220450 H7493926224450 H7493926228450 H7493926232450     5.75
5.00   H7493926212500 H7493926216500 H7493926220500 H7493926224500 H7493926228500 H74939262J2500     5.75

Quality Outcomes for Patients


Early Healing

Early Healing

Find out how synchronous drug elution and polymer absorption enables early healing.

SYNERGY™ Clinical Overview

SYNERGY™ Clinical Overview

Discover the clinical evidence on the SYNERGY™ BP Stent, including multiple short DAPT studies.

Exceptional Deliverability

Exceptional Deliverability

Learn about the continued advancement in deliverability that SYNERGY™ offers.