Paclitaxel Coated-PTCA Balloon Catheter

TransPax™ Coating Technology

The AGENT™ Drug-Coated Balloon Catheter (DCB) optimises drug transfer to the target vessel’s tissue through its TransPax coating, a proprietary formulation of Paclitaxel (PTx) and a citrate ester excipient. With drug transfer optimized1, go into the case with confidence that your patients will receive the best care possible.

Optimized Drug Transfer

  • TransPaxTM coating ensures targeted delivery of Paclitaxel3.
  • Optimal dose of 2 µg/mmcompared to 3 µg/mmof market leading DCBs4.

Tissue Absorption

By optimising the choice of excipient and the formulation, Agent is able to achieve similar long term Paclitaxel levels with a 50% reduction in Paclitaxel loading compared to majority of DCB competitors on the market3.
Pharmacokinetic tissue level comparable to Taxus Stent over time3.
Graph of Paclitaxel Arterial Tissue levels for BSC Agent, BTK Pantera Lux and B.Braun SeQuent Please

Drug Dissolution

The Paclitaxel in TransPax is in crystalline form. This morphology has lower solubility than an amorphous form which allows the drug to be better absorbed by the vessel as the crystalline particles act as sustained reservoirs which leads to better tissue absorption4.
Graph showing difference in coating morphology