ROTAPRO™ Rotational Atherectomy

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Easy to use. Hard on calcium.
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The Quest for the Holy Grail in Calcium Treatment
Easy to use. Hard on calcium.
Easy to use. Hard on calcium.
The Quest for the Holy Grail in Calcium Treatment. Watch Prof. Barbato and Dr. McEntergart discuss best practices and tools for the treatment of severe calcified coronary lesions.
Easy to use. Hard on calcium.
Easy to use. Hard on calcium.

The standard in Rotational Atherectomy. The ROTAPRO™ System provides an excellent option for treating calcified lesions, with a complete family of products.

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System Components


The ROTAPRO™ Rotational Atherectomy System console regulates the flow of air to the advancer, controlling burr rotation speed. It also monitors and displays burr rotation speed and rotational atherectomy procedural time. The console may be powered by both nitrogen and compressed air.

  • Vibrant Digital Display – Enhanced feedback and deceleration indicator
  • Streamlined Connections – Quick and easy setup
  • IV Pole Clamp – Installation flexibility
  • Small size and two possible orientations - Adabtable to different cath labs.

ROTAGO Cart and Infusion Stand


  • Mobile solution for the ROTAPRO system and air tank
  • Consolidates system components, making it easier to transport, use and set up
  • Incorporated IV pole for the ROTAPRO system console


The ROTAPRO™ Rotational Atherectomy system features an Advancer which is used to control movement of the burr. The advancer can be purchased individually.

  • Easy-to-use Controls – Incorporated on the advancer
  • Ergonomic Dynaglide™ Design – Simple system removal
  • Hybrid Harness – Improved cable management


The ROTAPRO™ Atherectomy System offers multiple burr size options to achieve predictable lumen size.


ROTAWire guidewires are designed specifically for use with the ROTAPRO™ Rotational Atherectomy System.

  • .009” stainless steel core with tapered distal ends for varying degrees of burr support
  • .014” distal platinum coil prevents the burr from traveling beyond the tip of the wire*

Choose between the ROTAWire Floppy or ROTAWire Extra Support models depending on procedure requirements

*Never allow the rotating burr to contact the platinum coil tip

Ordering Information

ROTAPRO™ System Console

Model / Description GTIN Ref / Catalog number
ROTAPRO Console Kit 08714729975151 H749 3930903 0

ROTAPRO™ pre-connected burr and advancing device

Burr size GTIN Ref / Catalog number
1.25 mm 08714729999560 H749 39467125 0
1.5 mm 08714729999577 H749 39467150 0
1.75 mm 08714729999584 H749 39467175 0
2.0 mm 08714729999591 H749 39467200 0
2.15 mm 08714729999607 H749 39467215 0
2.25 mm 08714729999614 H749 39467225 0
2.38 mm 08714729999621 H749 39467238 0
2.5 mm 08714729999638 H749 39467250 0

ROTAWIRE™ Guidewire

Model / Description GTIN Ref / Catalog number
ROTAWIRE Floppy Guidewire with WireClip™ Torquer 08714729195566 H802 22824002 2
ROTAWIRE Extra Support Guidewire with WireClip Torquer 08714729195573 H802 23239001 2


Model / Description GTIN Ref / Catalog number
ROTAGO™ Cart 08714729974307 H749 3936901 0
Power Cord, Type E/F 08714729975366 H749 3936803 0
ROTAPRO Gas Hose, Braided, Clear 20' N/A H749 3937301 0