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Peripheral Rotablator™

Rotational Atherectomy System

Precise. Predictable. Proven. Experience the controlled precision of a diamond-tipped burr designed to modify vessel compliance in even the most calcified peripheral lesions. When it comes to atherectomy, trust the Rotablator System for proven patient outcomes.

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Product Details

The Rotablator Atherectomy System is an air-driven system featuring a 5-micron diamond-tipped burr that rotates at up to 190,000 RPM.


The Rotablator System’s diamond-tipped burr is engineered to immediately engage the lesion, enabling precise control of ablation even in tight or occluded lesions.

Cutting surface immediately engages the lesion Cutting surface immediately engages the lesion


Stable Rotation
The Rotablator System’s diamond-tipped burr spins concentrically on the wire, providing confidence even when treating small or tortuous vessels.

Cutting surface immediately engages the lesion

Total Control

  • Control the outcome with a symmetric burr that creates a smooth lumen at a specific diameter.
  • Control ablation with a burr that follows the wire.
  • Control embolic release with a 5-micron diamond-tipped burr that ablates plaque into micro-particles smaller in size than a red blood cell.


20μm diamond grit (5μm exposed) 20μm diamond grit (5μm exposed)


Confidence in calcium for over 20 years

  • Low complication rates1
  • 76% primary patency2
  • 89% limb salvage rate3

            Proven in calcified arteries

            20μm diamond grit (5μm exposed)

Product Specifications

  • 135cm catheter length
  • 0.009” over-the-wire
  • 4.3F protective sheath

Burr Size (mm)

Guide Sheath or Introducer Sheath Size*


4 F/5 F


5 F


6 F


6 F/7 F


7 F


7 F/8 F

* For a given French size guide sheath or introducer sheath, the internal lumen and hemostasis valve will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. When using an introducer for the first time, it should be tested with the largest Peripheral RotaLink Plus burr intended to be used with it.



Peripheral RotaWire™ Guide Wire

  • 330cm total length
  • 0.009” body
  • 0.014” spring tip
  • Extra Support – a more supportive wire for distal lesions or heavily calcified proximal lesions
  • Floppy – more flexible and torqueable wire with reduced guide wire bias

Peripheral RotaGlide™ Lubricant

  • 20cc vial lubricant intended to reduce friction and improve tactile feel

Ordering Information

Peripheral RotaLink™ Plus Burr Catheter 135 cm catheter length, 0.009” OTW, 4.3 F (0.058”) protective sheath

UPN Catalog Description
M0011401250 140-125 1.25 mm Peripheral RotaLink Plus, 4/5 F
M0011401500 140-150 1.50 mm Peripheral RotaLink Plus, 5 F
M0011401750 140-175 1.75 mm Peripheral RotaLink Plus, 6 F
M0011402000  140-200 2.00 mm Peripheral RotaLink Plus, 6/7 F
M0011402250  140-225 2.25 mm Peripheral RotaLink Plus, 7 F
M0011402500  140-250 2.50 mm Peripheral RotaLink Plus, 7/8 F

Peripheral RotaWire Guidewire and WireClip™ Torquer 330 cm length, 0.009” diameter body with 0.014” spring tip

UPN Catalog Description
M0011373321 137-3321 Extra Support Peripheral RotaWire (Box of 5)
M0011373311 137-3311 Floppy Peripheral RotaWire (Box of 5)

Rotablator Console

UPN Catalog Description
H802220200391 22020-039 Rotablator Console Kit (includes console, foot pedal and 20 ft. air supply hose)
H802216000031  21600-003 20 ft Air Supply Hose – replacement
H802224360021  22436-002 Dynaglide™ Foot Pedal – replacement
H802221510011  22151-001 Console Power Cord – replacement


UPN Catalog Description
M00114100062 141-0006 Peripheral RotaGlide™ Lubricant (Box of 6)
H80215901011 15901-01 HTI Regulator Kit 
H802221960032  22196-003 WireClip Torquer (Box of 5)


The C-Code used for the Peripheral Rotablator Rotational Atherectomy System is C1724. The C-Code used for Peripheral RotaWire Guide Wire is C1769. C-Codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers. Note: Boston Scientific Corporation is not responsible for correct use of codes on submitted claims; this information does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice. 



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