Introducer System with RO Marker


Product Details

  • A radiopaque marker positioned at the tip of the sheath enhances visualization for more precise placement.
  • The large sheath end hole I.D. facilitates placement of the .038" working guidewire alongside the .018" safety guidewire.
  • The 21 Gauge diagnostic needle is designed to help reduce tissue trauma.
  • Option of a .018" kink-resistant nitinol guidewire is designed to provide strength during tough procedures. The coaxial dilator/sheath assembly with locking stiffening cannula is designed for over-the-wire placement.
  • The .038" heavy-duty guidewire in a choice of "J" tip or straight tip provides excellent performance as a working wire.
  • The dilator/sheath assembly proximal taper is designed to ease introduction and placement.
  • The dilator reference mark facilitates alignment of sheath and dilator tips for more accurate wire placement.