Self-Expanding Stent System

Delivery system

Stent visibility

InnovaTM  is designed to allow precise and visible deployment with:

  • Tantalum markers on stent ends
  • A radiopaque delivery system tip
  • Radiopaque markers on delivery system catheter

Stent delivery system

  • A tri-axial catheter shaft was designed to provide added support and placement accuracy
Innova Self expanding stent delivery system montage

Deployment technique

Proper deployment technique is critical to ensure predictable, controlled stent deployment - especially for 150, 180 and 200 mm stents.

1. Always begin deployment using the thumbwheel, and use the thumbwheel as long as possible

The thumbwheel alone should be used to deploy the first 120mm of stent length. Slow, controlled movements of the thumbwheel support even stent deployment and help control deployment forces.

2. For long-length stents (150+ mm), deployment must be completed by using the pull-grip

After 120mm of stent has been deployed using the thumbwheel, an arrow will become visible on the pull-grip handle, signaling that the  pull-grip must be used to complete deployment. Slow, controlled movement of the pull-grip is essential to ensure proper deployment, especially for long stents.

Innova stent deployment instructions SFA
Tray Label (150, 180 and 200mm stent trays)
deployment arrow on pull grip
Deployment arrow on pull-grip