Peripheral Cutting Balloon™

Microsurgical Dilatation Device for Hemodialysis Access Management

Multiple Studies report Peripheral Cutting Balloon™ (PCB) Angioplasty has better reported patency1,2 and less patient discomfort3 compared to high-pressure PTA (HPBA) for resistant AV fistula lesions.


Mechanism of Action

The unique mechanism of action focuses dilatation force at the tips of the atherotomes at 6-10 ATM. PCB is designed to score then gently dilate the lesion, minimizing barotrauma and propagating controlled plaque disruption through the lesion.

The result of this unique mechanism of action has been shown to provide better 6 and 12 month primary patency in AV fistulae compared to both high-pressure and conventional angioplasty.

Less pain compared to PTA

While providing better patency there is also reduced patient discomfort with PCB. 62% of patients did not feel any pain with Peripheral Cutting Balloon™ Device.