X4 CRT-D System

X4 CRT-D and ACUITYᵀᴹ X4 Quadripolar Pacing Leads

Effectively Pace for years with the industry’s longest-lasting CRT-D

Reduce Risks of CRT-D Replacements

Boston Scientific offers the world’s longest-lasting CRT-D devices, with nearly double the battery capacity of other available models. 

Manufacturer’s Product Performance Reports show a clinically meaningful difference in device survival. 

Battery out of service rate comparison

Medtronic and Boston Scientific Actual Product Performance Report Data

Medtronic and Boston Scientific Actual Product Performance Report Data
BSC COGNIS CRT-D100%99.9%99.8%99.5%98.7%97.2%94.1%
MTD Concerto CRT-D DR100%99.6%98.2%93.5%80.6%51.4%23.0%
MTD Consulta CRT-D DR100%99.7%98.5%93.5%81.8%60.8%43.4%
5.9% of BSC 
out by 72 months.
1.9 Ah battery
77% of MDT 
Concerto™ CRT-Ds 
out by 72 months.2 
1 Ah Battery
56.6% of MDT 
Consulta™ CRT-Ds 
out by 66 months.3 
1 Ah Battery

Confidence in longevity


Confidence in our Longevity. Built on the industry's longest-lasting battery technology, X4 CRT-D offers a projected longevity of 8.1 years backed by corporate warrenty.2,3

6 year CRT-D Warranty

Boston Scientific supports our longevity claims with our commercial offering of our corporate warranty.

Learn more at www.bostonscientific.com/warranty

Real-World Data

An independent study of contemporary heart failure devices released in October 2013 by EP EuroPace highlights industry-leading Boston Scientific battery longevity. 
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Real world data from LATITUDE Patient Management shows a nine-year average projected longevity of our CRT-Ds. 
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View our Product Performance Reports

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