X4 CRT-D System

X4 CRT-D and ACUITYᵀᴹ X4 Quadripolar Pacing Leads

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ACUITYᵀᴹ X4 Quadripolar LV Pacing Leads
X4 System in action

The X4 CRT System combines industry-leading device longevity with unique ACUTY™ X4 quadripolar leads design: industry’s smallest lead tip, 17 pacing vectors, multiple electrodes positioned along a proximally located 3D spiral.

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Product Detail

Combining Proximal Pacing Options with Industry-Leading Longevity

The ACUITY X4 family of leads redefines quadripolar pacing by positioning multiple electrodes along a proximally located 3D spiral. When combined with meaningful design elements – industry’s smallest lead tip, inner catheter delivery and proven battery technology – the X4 CRT-D system provides the tools needed to efficiently pace at the target location with no compromise on device longevity.

Effective Pacing Options At Target Location

  • Three distal tip options to accommodate individual patient's anatomy and pace at target location
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  • Electrodes positioned on a 3D spiral to optimize stability and electrode contact with the myocardium, minimizing pacing capture thresholds in a non-apical location 
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Product Specification

Predictable Implant Experience

  • Straight distal section improves trackability over the guidewire.
  • 2.6F (0.86 mm) tapered lead tip aids deliverability in small and tortuous branch vessels.
  • Polyurethane lead body facilitates pushability of the lead through the anatomy.
  • Fluoroscopic marker indicates the proximal end of the spiral fixation on the 3D spiral models.
  • Inner catheter deliverability provides additional options for lead placement.

Effective Proximal Pacing Options

  • Three distal tip options to match each patient’s individual anatomy.
  • Electrodes positioned on a 3D spiral to minimize pacing capture thresholds when placed in a non-apical location.

Long-term Lead Management

  • 3D spiral models include dual fixation for long-term lead stability.
  • 17 pacing vector options available with Boston Scientific X4 CRT-D devices  helps mitigate PNS and high pacing capture thresholds.
  • Protected IS4 terminal provides robust terminal to PG header connection.