Torqueable Microcatheters

Tip shapes work like no other microcatheter‘s tip shapes

Direxion is torqueable, so that tip shapes can be steered into the same direction as the wire to work together with the wire,  which

  • provides additional control in vessel access
  • enables Direxion to be repositioned during catheterization and  embolics delivery, especially when several branches are involved

Each Direxion™ Torqueable Microcatheter is treated with a high heating process that improves the shape retention.* In addition, a shortened hydrophilic coating makes it easier to grip the proximal end before torquing or advancing the distal tip. All of which helps ensure exceptional control for every case.

Key Resources

Repositioning capability

Consecutive cyanoacrylate glue injection in several branches.
Pre hepatectomy right portal embolization in an HCC patient.*

Unique tip configurations allow for intraprocedural flexibility and efficiency.

  • 6 different tip configurations
  • 1 or 2 radiopaque markers
  • Systems available with 3 differents wires
  • Available in both 0.021’’ = 0.53 mm and 0.027” = 0.69 mm lumen sizes
Microcatheter Double Marker
Microcatheter double maker
  • Direxion double markers to enable 0.018" = 0.46 mm detachable coils placement