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Slotted nitinol hypotube design: specific handling requirements

The unique nitinol design and handling of the Direxion™ microcatheter introduces some unique watchouts:

Four Major Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Do not introduce the microcatheter without guidewire support as this may cause damage to the proximal shaft of the catheter.
  2. Always verify tip response under fluoroscopy and the position of the proximal portion of the microcatheter, to avoid shaft coiling and/or fracture.
  3. If resistance is felt during rotation of the microcatheter and there is no visible tip response, stop and rotate in the opposite direction to release tension. 
  4. Should the shaft fracture under too much tension, attempt to advance a guidewire through the fracture point and past the distal lumen, or retract the microcatheter into the guiding catheter. Then withdraw the system in a smooth motion, minimizing any rotation and torqueing.